Angel Number 11 has several dominant attributes. But, the meaning of angel number 11 can best be understood by its hidden properties, in conjunction with its Sacred Geometry. This is because angel number 11 has both inner and outer characteristics. 

The outer properties of angel number eleven can best be understood through the deconstruction of its symbolic geometry. I will show how, using the Spiritual Vectors codec. 

The hidden properties, however, are better acquired, and understood, from your Inner, if you are the one seeing the number 11 as an angel number. This is because certain numbers have different meanings for different people.  

Plus, depending on its inner meaning for you, you may later wish to utilize the geometry of the number as a power object. Thus, the discussion of its outer characteristics. 

In this article, I will show you

1. The Sacred Geometry formed by Angel Number 11
2. The codec that deconstructs the sequence that forms the geometry, and
3. What angel number 11 means to you on an inner, or spiritual level.

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Opening Summary

To best determine the meaning of Angel Number 11 for you personally, you must follow either the number, or its symbol (see construction below), on your own Inner.

This is because numbers typically have a different inner meaning for you than for someone else. For example, the number 11 may not be a good number for me, but might be an excellent number for you. It depends greatly on your particular synesthesia towards the number.  

You see, Angel Numbers aren’t necessarily good or bad. But in fact, inwardly, numbers have different meanings for different people. And so the real question is: why are you seeing 11, as an angel number, and not some other number? 

To answer that question, you will need to follow angel number 11 back to its source, or to the answer it wants you to have. Either way, the technique for following it is the same. 

Therefore, for you to be able to know for sure what is being communicated to you personally by angel number 11, (instead of some third party off-the-wall horoscope reading), you have to FOLLOW the number on the Inner to see where it leads. 

Following The Sacred Geometry Of Angel Number 11

To see where a number leads, you can follow the number, or you can follow its geometry. If you are a visual person, following the geometry is often more rewarding. This is because following the geometry on the Inner, can reveal the power of the Sacred Geometry associated with the number.

This is important if you ever wish to use the geometry of the number as a power object.

Angel numbers often have an external shape as a geometrical symbol. Those types of numbers are called figurate numbers because they form a geometrical shape. Here is an example of several figurate numbers: 

You’ll notice that the hendecagon is included in the set of figurate numbers, along with its formula. The hendecagon is the eleven-sided polygon. 

But this particular polygon can take several shapes as a hendecagram, (they still, however, share its points), as follows: (

Angel Number 11 Symboloby
Angel Number 11 Symbology

The formula for the hendecagon is: a(n) =  9n2 – 7n / 2.

Thus, for any integer (n), [where n =  0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.], the hendecagon sequence is: 0, 1, 11, 30, 58, 95, 141, 196, 260, 333, … etc. 

These are the geometries connected to angel number 11, as they are the only polygons that share the vertices of the regular polygon, (the hendecagon), with vertices = 11. 

Angel Number 11 Symbology & Power Objects

Finding these patterns on the Inner can lead to some very interesting knowledge, as they are useful as guides to power, or as power objects themselves. How it appears in your Inner, as you come across it, is anybody’s guess. But when you find one, you’ve found a power vector associated with metaphysical knowledge. 

These types of patterns or objects are sometimes associated with evil, which is to give them a bad rap unjustly. Anything worthy of power can be used for good or for evil. It depends on the person wielding the power, not the tool. 

And so the hendecagon pattern, or any of its 11-gonal patterns, have been used for both good and bad in a variety of forms. Here are a few examples: 

hendecagon star pendant
Personal Protection

Hendecagon coinage

Occult or Religious symbol
Occult Symbology

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Pendant – found on eBay sold as necklace
Coinage – United States Susan B. Anthony coin
Occult Symbology –
Statue of Liberty – 11-pointed base

The Spiritual Vectors CODEC

Since the regular polygon is equally spaced, the differences between each number can be subtracted from its neighbor to form a new deconstructed sequence. Repeat the process until, ending with a common, (equally spaced), difference between its constructing members, as follows:

Angel Number 11 Codec
Angel Number 11 Codec

You can find the entire sequence at the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences here (A051682).

This process yields the common difference of 9. Any deconstruction below that is zero. 

As you can see, the sequence associated with the geometry of angel number 11, (the hendecagon), is constructed from the highest digital root = 9. 

The digital roots of each subsequent sequence from 9 upward, (as shown), are layered with nicely ordered digital roots. 

[Note: to find the digital root of any number, continue to add the sum of its terms until a single digit is obtained. Ex: 12,345 = 1+2+3+4+5 = 15; and 1+5 = 6. Thus, the digital root of 12345 = 6.]  

The bottom layer has foundational digital root = 9

The second layer has digital root = 1 

And then the top layer has a digital root sequence: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …etc.

Side Note

Angel Number 11 geometry
Hendecagon sequence: triangular spiral

On a side note, (just for your edification): the hendecagon sequence can also be produced using a triangular spiral. The sequence 0, 1, 11, 30, 58, 95, 141, 196, 260, 333, … et cetera, is the set of numbers starting from 0, 1, of the spiral.  

The Secret Revealed

Based on the geometry associated with the angel number 11, there are three layers that form the Outer understanding of this number:

Its base, the lowermost, consists of the highest digital root, nine. The base is then insulated with the most primary number, one; the building block of every other number. 

Above that is the outermost shell, which produces the sequence that literally labels every single step that increases the hendecagon pattern.

For instance, step 9, (not including 0), of the hendecagonal sequence is number 333. Notice the number 333 has the digital root 3+3+3 = 9, corresponding perfectly to its sequential position.   


Thus, seeing angel number 11 suggests the highest spiritual value, producing a perfectly ordered progression, from the most basic and primitive elements as its source. The person that owns this number, or its sacred geometry, can wield this pattern into everyday life. This is its power; this is its function.  

All I’ve done is break down for you how its frequency is constructed.

Following The Angel Number

Alternatively, you could follow the number on the Inner, instead of its geometry.

This means you have to “find” the number, and then see where it takes you. But you’ve been “finding” the number all along, right? That’s why it appears to you as an angel number. You’ve just been doing it on the Outer.

But, recognizing the number on the Inner is no different than recognizing the number on the Outer. The usual problem is that most people don’t remember seeing it on the Inner because they are asleep and dreaming. They tend to lose those memories when they wake up.

So, to see where it takes you on the Inner, the solution is Lucid Dreaming. Alternatively, you could use deep meditation, but really very few people know how to do that well. And deep meditation takes you to the surface states of sleep, but seldom as deep as actual sleep. 

The point is that lucid dreaming yields far better results, quicker; because you are already in the right state to follow the number, or its symbol. 

Imagine this: you’re headlong deep in the middle of a dream. Suddenly, you see your Angel Number right in front of you. You become lucid; that is, you become fully aware that you are in a dream without waking up! 

NOW, you’re in the perfect state already to follow that number on the Inner! 

And that’s why lucid dreaming is so superior to the surface level awareness of meditation. 

How To Lucid Dream Angel Number 11

Now, here’s how you lucid dream the number or the symbol. 

How To Lucid Dream An Angel Number
Click the link to download this PDF. It is free. 

But for now, just follow these tips: When you see Angel Number 11, provided you’re not doing something that requires your attention, put your full awareness into that moment, and hold it, for as long as you can.

So, basically, if you can, just stop whatever it is you’re doing, (again, only if you’re not doing something that requires your attention elsewhere — like driving, or working machinery), and put all of your awareness into the present moment. Try it now! 

If you can do this enough that it becomes habit, whenever you see the number, you will do it whenever you see the number while dreaming! 

Putting all of your attention into the present moment is an easy way to become lucid, if you perform the maneuver in a dream. The trigger, or cue, to do it in the dream state, is the habit of doing it when you see the number in the awake state.

Provided you can stay in the dream, which is a task you have to practice, (which is why I wrote the pdf), you can then follow the number, or its symbol, on the Inner. THERE it will divulge its secrets directly, as you will already be in the state required to receive them. 

THAT information is for you personally! And that is the difference between the Outer and the Inner communication of its meaning. 

Your’s Truly,

The High Country 



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