What Is The Meaning & Power Of Angel Number 1111?

What is the meaning of angel number 1111, and how can it be utilized to shape your future?

Angel Number 1111 means that your personal resonance is in harmony with the frequencies that construct the physical universe. If you are seeing this number in earnest, it means that you should be an “ace” at manifestation as it relates to the physical plane.

Eleven-eleven is a power vector. I will explain why it is, and how you can use it for physical-plane manifestation, (materialization). Welcome to SpiritualVectors.com

Why Angel Number 1111 Is A Power Vector

Angel number 1111 has both an inner and an outer meaning. The outer meaning is in relationship to the physical design of the universe of material things. You can utilize that design to construct the vector of your future on the physical plane. I’ll show you what that entails, shortly.

The inner meaning is in relationship to your personal (subjective) affinity with the number as it affects your spiritual disposition. It is personal to you, because it comes from the higher regions of your own subconscious. It is from the part of you that constructs your own inner world.

The inner meaning of an angel number, thus, cannot come from a third party. But I will show you how to follow the Angel Number 1111 vector on the inner, like a champ. It will then reveal specifically what it has in store for you personally.

The Physical Manifestation Of Angel Number 1111

The objective significance of angel number 1111 is that it takes from the most primary of elements, the number 1, and layers denser vibrations to form physical constructs.

The number 1 is the number of God because it is the most elemental, primary, integer that is indivisible. It is the element from which every other element is built.

Here is the graph of the mathematical deconstruction:

Angel Number 1111 Harmonics Graph
Angel Number 1111 Harmonics Graph

This is the explanation of what you’re seeing:

L1 Element Line (Spiritual Vibration)

The first layer, L1, (the layer of 1’s), consists of pure spiritual energy. The 1 is known as the number of God because it is indivisible and already in its most elemental form. Below that layer is zero, or nothingness, as it relates to material form, (thus the string of zeros).

L2 Soul (Spirit/Matter Vibration)

The next layer, L2, (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.), is constructed by adding the next digit of the angel number, (also a 1), to each number below it, (see red arrow) = 2. The 2 is added to the next number 1 below it to give 3, etc. That process continues to yield the sequence, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. That line represents the perfect spirit/matter vibrational sequence.

L3 2-Dimensional Plane Construct

Then, that sequence is added the same way, to yield the new sequence, L3, seeded by the next angel number digit, which again is a 1. Note: the angel numbers seeding the layering are shown in green squares = 1, 1, 1, 1 (the actual angel number).

The 2-dimensional plane, L3, known as polygonal numbers are what is constructed next, as the sequence 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, etc. using the same process.

L4 3-Dimensional Plane Construct

The Angel Number 1111, when layered completely, forms the sequence, L4, known as “Cake Numbers.” You can find the sequence at the Online Encyclopedia Of Integer Sequences, (A000125), https://oeis.org/A000125, here, along with its mathematical equation, if interested.

Learn more about Cake numbers here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cake_number

Note: Cake numbers are the 3-dimensional analog of the 2-dimensional Lazy Caterer’s Sequence, (L3), (A000124), https://oeis.org/A000124, otherwise known as polygonal numbers. Those construct the 2-dimensional world of polygonal forms.

That’s the technical stuff. But now we get to the power.

Angel Number 1111 Harmonics: The Power

Angel Number 1111 Inner Harmonics
Resonating With Your Inner Harmonics

Cake numbers show how the physical world is constructed mathematically from the vibrations layered below them.

This is the trait with which you already resonate. It’s why you are seeing this number in the first place. It is the same construct that you follow in order to manifest your physical world.

You can guide your spiritual vibrations to assemble your physical world through this same process of layering. This process is taught in the Manifestation Mastery Mini-Course by Spiritual Vectors. It’s a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-heart of the system for framing physical manifestations.

If interested, feel free to add your email to our notifications list. Add in the subject header, MM Mini-Course, addressed to spiritualvectors at gmail dot com. You’ll be notified when it’s ready for download.

Here is the nutshell version:

You start by resonating with your own sound (vibration). You can hear it when you shut down all of your senses, including your internal dialog, and listening to the “hum” that you pick up on. The one that comes from you, (not the refrigerator, etc.).

That vibration can take you anywhere you want to go. Its level relates to the, (L1), element line from the diagram. It is your spiritual vibration. When you explore the thing you want to manifest within that vibration, it infuses the spirit-matter, (which is basically your soul – AKA, your consciousness), with the construct of your exploration.

That process produces the vibration of the L2 line, as it infuses your mental constructs, (your intent, or in some cases the force of your will), with the spiritual energies that shape those conceptualizations.

The next line, the 2-dimensional construct, (L3), is the resolution line. In a sense, it’s the path, (or as some would call it, the map).

You REALIZE that resolution as the process of following the vector of that construct, on the physical plane. That is to say, your spirit points the way; you follow it.

That’s the process in a nutshell.

The Scientific Basis of Manifestation (Materialization) As Taught by Spiritual Vectors

Now note. In quantum physics, every maximal possibility already exists! It’s up to the consciousness to chose which vector creates the reality of any given experience. Focus on vector A, get A. Focus on vector B, get B. Reality doesn’t resolve itself until the observer makes a decision.

This is why negative thoughts beget negative life consequences, while positive thoughts beget positive life consequences. It’s also why at some point, we tend to stay where we are, in life.

Our present circumstances tend to consume our attention, causing us to hover in that position from the force of our creative (L2) inertia.

It’s what you emphasize that you bring into your life, albeit sometimes unwittingly. When you emphasize the doings of your current situation, for example, that’s where you tend to stay.

We normally do this entirely unconsciously, because we have to deal with life as it presents itself to us, daily. Doing it consciously is the process, and technique, of manifestation. And yes, it takes a bit of practice. Like anything else done consistently well, it takes practice.

But the process is automatic!

A Real Life Demonstration You Can Test For Yourself

Pause, and observe this. What you are reading right now (this very moment) manifested itself to you because you specifically followed ‘this’ particular vector instead of another.

For whatever your reason: information about the angel number, manifestation, or whatever, you decided to follow it! You followed this specific vector to get to this specific moment of reality.

Doesn’t it make sense that had you followed another vector, you’d be doing something else, (in this VERY same moment)? You can literally backtrack every step you took to getting here, can’t you?

In fact, EVERY moment for which you have a memory, can be backtracked to the specific moment of you taking that turn. How you got here, right now, was just a string of choices that you took, (consciously or unconsciously), to get here. That string was your vector!

You can test that process for any given time and place. Just ask yourself, “How did I get specifically here, right now?” And that vector will be laid bare.

Here’s the secret very few people realize. You can do it frontwards, too!

But it does take a bit of proper training to deal with the inertia of other vectors pulling on your consciousness. Get a handle on that, and you’ll experience the full power of what some manifestation practitioners describe as “magnetism.”

Magnetism” is what happens when those things become attracted to you, instead of the other way around. It’s because you’ve all but eliminated conflicting vectors that pull on your consciousness.

Using The Power Of Your Angel Number Harmonics Inwardly

Harmony with the inner, subjective, angel numbers is a matter of letting “it” show YOU what it wants you to see, and know. This is how angel numbers reveals its secrets to you.

Did you know that you can tap this knowledge stored in your subconscious? They say that we really only use 10% of our brain. But how do you access the other 90%? The other 90% is in the subconscious.

The process of utilizing your inner harmonics to follow Angel Number 1111 is a matter of becoming conscious — inside of your own subconscious.

But how do you that, without years of meditation practice? The answer is: Lucid Dreaming!

When you lucid dream your angel number, you are disconnected from your physical body, while being fully conscious in your own dream world.

Yes, you are the god of that world. And thus, it will reveal to you whatever you require of it, including the meaning and power behind your angel number!

Every person should lucid dream their angel number. For great information start here, Why You Should Lucid Dream Your Angel Number.

It’s really the only way to determine what it wants you to know and have. Many times it leads you to a power object. (You’ll learn more about those later.)

Power objects are the artifacts that can be pulled from the deep knowledge of subconscious exploration.

Pick up a copy of How To Lucid Dream Your Angle Number, from the link. It’s free, in PDF format, by Spiritual Vectors, for quick download. If you are ready for this type of knowledge, this angel number is your calling, because you already have the tools. You just need the techniques.

Should You Follow The Vector?

Thus, if your affinity with angel number 1111 is genuine, you likely already resonate with a prowess for physical manifestation.

Do you find that things tend to come into your life rather quickly? Wanted, or unwanted? If so, it may be because you already possess an acute capacity for physical manifestation. What you might need, however, is the ability to employ it skillfully.

Yours, Truly
The HighCountry

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