Angel Number 1144 Is An Affinity – Here’s What To Do

Angel number 1144 conveys that you have a strong “resonance” with something in your life that has extreme value. If it’s a “thing,” you might become famous. If it’s a person, you might be “head over heals,” and not yet know it.

Angel Number 1144If you’re seeing 1144 often, you have an affinity. It’s a resonance between you and something, or you and someone. You are in tune together, and together, you resonate.

It can be considered a “lit” match, because where other possibilities are still benign, this vector is already ignited.

Angel number 1144 is trying to make you aware of it. More than likely, there is good reason for you to be aware of it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need to be shown this number. I’ll give more detail, why, in a moment.

It seems obvious that you should know what such a thing is! My guess is that you probably do. Just search your feelings for that which you have a deep connection. The “higher” is trying to make you aware, (or more aware), of it, for a reason.

But caution: this is not the same as you having “feelings” for someone, and thinking they must have the same feelings towards you! (Don’t be a creep!)

When I say you (plural) “resonate” or are “in tune,” with something, I mean that you and the “other” thing are currently on the same frequency. Thus, the resonance. And you can multiply that power.

If It’s A Thing And Not A Person

If it happens to be a “thing” and not a person, I mean that you and that thing are in accord. For example, let’s say that you are a (budding?) musician, and you really love a certain instrument.

You may likely play that instrument until your fingers bleed, but “in pain” continue, because you love the sensation or sound of what you’re producing without regard to the sacrifice. (This is the forging by fire, from which legends are made. The pleasure of what you’re getting from it supersedes the pain.)

This is also why you might become famous, if it’s a thing. You’ll own its soul, (metaphorically speaking). And to that same extent, it’ll own yours, (metaphorically speaking).   

To have an addiction that leads to a positive outcome, is a vector. An addiction that leads to a negative outcome, is also a vector. Your decision is the only power you have. In any given moment, YOU determine the direction of your life. And this is why having an affinity matters.

Pit-Falls Or Pointers – Take Your Pick

Seeing Angel Number 1144 Anywhere
Affinity Angel Number 1144

The thing for which you have an affinity may be in one direction, but your entire life may point in another. We are often side-tracked by peer pressure or from doing what we know is right. Our inner says one thing, but the outer world says, (you’ll be rewarded if you), do another.

People that follow their affinity, in spite of what the rest of the world tells them, usually become famous for it. And why not?

Bill Gates had an affinity for writing code, long before IBM thought humans would ever have “personal” computers, or would ever need them. He wrote code anyway; it was his affinity.

The thing for which you have a deep affinity is not something I can know. I know nothing of you or your life.

Because of this, there are two parts to this explanation: The first part is a demonstration that the angel number 1144 is entirely an “inner” number. This is for your benefit, in coming to that conclusion.

That conclusion is necessary, because only you know what this special number applies to in your life. You might know immediately; or, you might be shown this number in order to bring your attention to it.

There can be only one reason for being shown this number, and that is so you can become aware of the affinity, to act upon it. Acting upon it immediately makes it a life vector.

Imagine following a life vector that you are already in tune with! (Verses one in which you are not.) Either way, you get to take your pick.

Proof – Angel Number 1144 Is An Inner Number

What Is An Inner Number?

“Inner” numbers are specific to the person who sees them. This is true to the extent that “inner” numbers have very little “outer” countenance.

(By the way, an inner number is one that the “outer” world has little use for other than as a quantity.) I’ll demonstrate this in a second. But before I do, I like people to know what their particular number “sounds” like.

Sound is a vibration. And you may as well know what you are “vibing” to! In this case, it is the angel number 1144.

CAUTION: Turn your speakers or headphones volume ALL THE WAY DOWN, and then slowly increase to comfort. We don’t want to damage your system OR your ears, do we?

Here’s what 1144 in Hertz sounds like:

1144Hz –,v0.75

Distinguishing Between Inner And Outer Numbers

Now, what about its outer countenance? Here, you’ll notice some very obvious features that the number is not!

1 144 – one thousand one hundred forty four

  • it is an even number
  • it is not a palindrome
  • it is not a prime number
  • it is not a Mersenne prime number
  • it is not a Fermat number
  • it is not a perfect number
  • it is not a triangle number
  • it is not a square number
  • it is not a cube number
  • it is not a factorial number

In fact, I could go on for quite some time showing the type of number it is not. But if you really want proof of this number’s outer obscurity, check out The On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences that include 1144!

Here’s the link, that will show (so far) where the number 1144 shows up in the knowledge base of known numerical sequences. As a result, you’ll see just how deeply you’ll have to nerd-out to find its outer signature. Pretty damn deep, huh?

Now that you know it’s an inner number, here’s what to do with it.

How To Follow The Angel Number 1144 Vector

As you already know, it’s an affinity vector. What your affinity is, I cannot know. But, here’s how to find out, and what to do with it.

First of all, what do you love to do, or are just starting to love? It doesn’t have to be a skill set, like drawing, dancing, or math. It can also be something rather mundane, like wasting a tremendous amount of time playing video games.

But now, take it to the next level; by which I mean, take it to the next PLANE!

Let’s suppose it’s not readily a positive vector. For example, playing video games is rather addictive, (so it’s automatically a vector), but it’s not so productive, or has a future productive VALUE. The time spent doesn’t have an ROI, so it’s not an investment! And you can’t get that time back, thus the term “waste.”

So, take it to the next PLANE. Take it to the next dimension! Here, you can go in four directions: up, down, out, or in. These would be the higher, the lower, the outer, and the inner.

Take It To The Next Plane!

Let’s take this one downward!

Going down, in the video game example, means examining the code, or the platform, or the interface, or any PART that makes up, or helps create, the whole. Look at the molecules of the system! And then the atoms; the parts that make up the parts.

See what makes the thing you love, tick! Examine how it all works and comes together. Because chances are, with your affinity towards the whole, you have a mind to what specifically would make it infinitely BETTER. (..To improve the experience of what you’re experiencing.)

You’re going down into the fabric of what is giving you the addiction, the enjoyment, of the experience. Ten-to-one says you can improve upon this.

But to do so, you’ll have to work on another plane. You have to set aside being a “user” and become a creator.

As a result, you might begin to notice something very noteworthy about the world around you. Look at all the things in your immediate world. SOMEBODY created every single thing, and earned – sometimes millions, or billions, from them.

That’s the difference between a waste, and an investment.

Now notice, there are two types of people. Creators, and Consumers. This is important because, having an affinity gives you the key to being on the other side, as a Creator.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this is the entire point in being shown angel number 1144. If you followed that vector, you could be set for life AND do the thing you love. And so, now you have a clear direction for happiness AND productivity.


Sincerely, Yours
The High County

PS: If you’re ever interested in the connection between numbers, their geometry, and how they relate to you or the design of the universe, the most modern approach is here, (see E8 project).



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