Angel Number 257 has two types of meanings. One meaning is objective, and the other is subjective.

Objectively, angel number 257 describes your uniqueness, because it is a prime number. But subjectively, it provides a very specific meaning, or message, that is meant just for you.

In this article, I will show you precisely how to determine what angel number 257 means to you personally.

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To start, the best way to ascertain the meaning of any angel number, is to use the technique described in the short article, How To Determine The Meaning Of Any Angel Number.

To determine the meaning of angel number 257 for you, I will show you the technique for how it was revealed to me. With a bit of practice, you can use the same technique, (for any angel number, really).

For starters, I want to ask you a question, and offer some food for thought. Have you ever thought about dreaming your angel number? There is a very important and powerful reason for doing so.  

Why Dream An Angel Number?

Everything you dream is personal to you! This is the major reason that you can be sure that the meaning or message angel number 257 gives, is meant for you personally. 

Angel numbers have predominant types: there is the Higher, the Lower, the Inner, and the Outer. And some can have strong characteristics of either type. 

For example, an Outer characteristic of angel number 257 is that it is a prime number. It only has two divisors: 1 and itself (257). This means that it is a unique building block for other numbers. (See, The Fundamental Theorem Of Arithmetic.)   

But the Inner characteristic of angel number 257 is purely subjective. That is, its meaning for you may not be the same as its meaning for me! And this is why an angel number cannot be the horoscope-type interpretation offered on other sites. 

Those sites can’t possibly know how to interpret the meaning of an angel number that is of a subjective nature. But YOU can! 

You can find its meaning or message for you personally, by the technique of becoming lucid whenever you see your angel number in a dream. I’ll show you the means for that next.

Finding Angel Number 257 In A Dream

This may sound interesting to you, but the fact that you are seeing angel number 257 in the awake state, means that you are also seeing it in your unconscious state.

The reason is that Everything that you become aware of consciously has already been filtered through your subconscious as worthy of your attention.

In other words, you actually saw it there first!

This is why if you are truly seeing angel number 257 in the awake state, you are likely seeing it in the dream state, also. It is just that you don’t always remember your dreams unless they leave an impression deep enough for you to remember as you wake up.

That, or something awakens you during a dream. 

Thus, to follow the angel number in the dream state, you have to know how to become lucid in a dream, and when.

Using 257 To Become Lucid

The technique for becoming lucid in a dream may likely mark your first initiation into the spiritual realms. It is the first gate. 

If you’ve never had a lucid dream, get ready for a fantastic adventure — it’s far more vivid than being in the physical world. 

Also, as the first level, it can be used as both training ground as well as launchpad, for spiritual quests. 

This is because it puts you in direct contact with your subconscious mind, which is vastly larger than your awake state consciousness. 

If you are ready for this, pick up the .pdf, Tips For Lucid Dreaming & The Development Of Power Objects, to learn more.  

And so, specific to angel number 257, you need a technique that will make you become lucid when you see the number during a dream! 

What this means is that you need to become lucid when you see the number in the awake state, WHILE YOU’RE AWAKE.

When you practice it enough so that it becomes habit, you’ll automatically do it during a dream. And, you’ll become lucid in the dream state because the number becomes your cue!    

Following The Angel Number

Now, this typically scares the bejeezus out of many people on their first experience, and the typical reaction is to quickly wake up! 

But with a bit of practice, you’ll learn to “stay in the dream.” And once you do that, it’s a whole new universe, the likes of Narnia or Journey to Ixtlan. The experience is truly a separate reality, but yours for the exploration. 

It is at that point that you can chose to follow the number, because you’ll be in the perfect state of being in which to do so. 

Following it can lead you to many discoveries, such as: 
the meaning of the number, 
knowledge you’ve been seeking, 
it can take you down a path, or, 
to a power object.

If you’re not ready for this, then just let it go. The blue pill is a perfectly valid choice. 

But should you take the red pill, you’ll discover a whole new world in which you are now completely conscious. It’s also where you’ll get your first set of wings, because even though it is hyper-real, it’s where you’ll develop your innate powers directly. 

Conclusion: What Is Angel Number 257?

In its most succinct form, an angel number is a beacon. It is like a signal that shines up from your subconscious mind, into your conscious awareness.

What makes 257 an angel number is that it does this more often than you can describe as coincidence. And thus, it beckons you to follow it! 

And so, the best way to discover the meaning of angel number 257 is to follow where it takes you on the Inner. There, you will discover its meaning, and what it has in store for you.

The most secure and accurate way to discover its meaning for you personally is to lucid dream the number itself. In that way, “it” can show “you” what it wants to convey.

And, you may very well have taken your first step to spiritual knowledge. Simply follow the adventure.

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