Here’s How To Interpret What Angel Number 333 Means To You Personally, And How To Tap Its Power

Angel Number 333 is a vector that can be intensely rewarding to follow. It personifies the blueprint of the spiritual universe from the standpoint of your Inner world. Plus you can figuratively, “get your wings,” from this number if you should decide to follow this vector.

If you ever thought being a spiritual pioneer was boring, you better hold on to your saddle-horn; because, this joyride to heaven can go from serene float on a magic carpet, to escape velocity on a rocket ship. Yep, it’s one of those.

Buckle up, this is for real. 


You want to know what angel number 333 holds for you? If you are truly seeing this number (as opposed to reading this as a curiosity), it could mean that you are poised for a significant spiritual evolution. But let’s find out.  

In this media, I will show you:

  • Why AN333 is an Inner number (establishes vector direction)
  • How to determine if your affinity with it is genuine (generator)
  • Why it is a personal power vector, (its relationship to the higher – blueprint)
  • What it sounds like (Hz) (because you can follow the sound of a number on the Inner, too)
  • How to access its deepest meaning for you personally (how to follow this vector)
  • And How to employ its power, to benefit your life trajectory directly (artifacts from the inner to the outer)

Welcome to Spiritual Vectors

First And Foremost: A Bit Of Spiritual Ecology 

 As a rule of thumb, (unless you’ve mastered yourself and know what you’re doing), you should never take, or follow, negative vectors into your Inner. This includes: feelings, images, sounds, thoughts, NUMBERS, or any other association to which you have a negative attachment.  

To do so, is to add unnecessary garbage into your Inner world, which can consume your energy and act as a diversion away from your success. 

For example: suppose you owned a beautiful pristine mansion on a fantastic island; but everywhere you look is smelly, corrosive, garbage. Now imagine that the cost of cleaning up that garbage far exceeds the time and effort you can afford. 

That’s the problem with Inner pollution. Once it’s there, it can be so damn expensive to remove, in terms of your time, attention, and energy. As such, I recommend keeping a clean, clear, spiritual ecology about your Inner world. Acknowledge, but do not attach yourself to negative things. 

This has to be said to you, because angel number 333 is an Inner number. And it’s on the Inner that you’ll be following its vector. 

Thus, and this is rare but needs to be said: if the number 333 holds a negative connotation in your feelings towards this number, exercise great caution when following its vector. (The technique for following the vector of this number is explained below in the appropriate section.) 

On the other hand, if 333 holds a neutral or positive connotation in your feelings towards the number, you’re in for an exhilarating joy ride. Hang on tight! The fun begins here.  

Part 1

Why Angel Number 333 Is An Inner Number

Inner numbers are specific to the person who sees them.

Numbers that can be described with a geometry, however, such as triangular numbers, square numbers, tetrahedral numbers, and so forth, are considered “Outer” numbers. This is because they can be represented objectively, with an outer form. And it’s how they relate to the Sacred Geometries.

Fibonacci Sequence
Fibonacci Pattern In Nature

This objectivity includes numeric sequences. For example: a Fibonacci sequence also has an Outer geometric form. A Fibonacci sequence is therefore an Outer numeric series.

333 consists of three, obvious, triangular numbers, but it is not a triangular number itself. Triangular numbers go right past 333 without including it. 

For example, the triangular numbers (A000217) are: 0, 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, 66, 78, 91, 105, 120,136, 153, 171, 190, 210, 231, 253, 276, 300, 325, 351, 378, 406, 435, 465, 496, 528, 561, 595, 630, 666, 703, 741, 780, 820, 861, 903, 946, 990, 1035, 1081, 1128, 1176, and so on.

But angel number 333 is ALSO NOT, a:

In other words, angel number 333 has no obvious OUTER geometric description. That’s because it resides as an Inner number, not an outer one. 

Part 2

How To Determine If Your Affinity With Angel Number 333 Is Genuine 

Sometimes people can pick out certain numbers as a habit. For instance, they can easily spot numeric sequences that are a part of their birthdate. 

But an angel number is one that percolates up from the subconscious into conscious awareness because it has a particular value or association for you. Angel numbers usually contain a type of synesthesia, that allows you to feel the number. 

To learn more about what angel numbers really are, refer to What Are Angel Numbers and How To Utilize Their Magic here.

But a great way to determine which is the case for you, is to do this quick exercise:

Go to the Random Sequence Generator, located at and key-in 100 as your smallest value. And key-in 999 as your largest value. Format to 20 columns, if the screen size you are using permits. 

Then click “Get Sequence.” This will output a 20 column table of random numbers between 100 and 999. Your job is to find 333

If you can find 333 within seconds, you definitely have an affinity with this number, because it stands out from the other numbers and basically finds you

But if you are struggling to find this number, even after several minutes, you might not have quite the connection with this number as you believe. And a strong connection with the number will make finding, (and following), the vector on the Inner, a lot easier.

This will be discussed, and will make better sense, in the sub-section on “Following The Vector.” 

Part 3

Why Is Angel Number 333 A Personal Power Vector?

Angel number 333 is a personal power vector because it can act as a blueprint to the spiritual worlds, from the Inner. Yours!

You’ve heard of the expression, “as above, so below?” That’s actually somewhat of a misnomer. The pairing is more like a sedimentation pattern as opposed to a duplication, with the finer (spiritual) sensations up top and the coarser, heavier, sensations (like lust) towards the bottom.  

Angel Number 333 Relationship
Higher Lower Inner Outer Relationship

But the Inner, on the other hand, represents an intersection with open access channels to any of the worlds; Higher, Lower, AND Outer.

This includes the intellectual connections, like logic, reason, geometry, etc. as well.

From the Outer, (the physical-material world), you have access to the Inner. This is done through meditation, shifting the assemblage point of awareness, or by going inside directly through lucid dreaming.

Meditation is very “surface” and can take years of practice to go deep.

Shifting the assemblage point requires grooming the intent and often the “push” from a benefactor.

Lucid dreaming, however, is already native to our conscious-shifting processes. We do the process every night when we go to sleep. We’ve done it daily since childhood!

The thing is: We tend to do it so quickly, naturally, and smoothly, that we seldom even notice. A little bit of practice, however, makes us remember that we have access to the deepest parts of our being, through that process, and can be tapped consciously.   

And so, angel number 333 is a vector that, when followed, can connect you to the Higher from the Inner. (And for the purist, yes, it can connect you to the Lower too, but we won’t be discussing that here.)

Part 4

What Does Angel Number 333 Sound Like?

Some angel numbers can be outright unruly to hear, especially if it is too high in pitch. Angel number 333 is neither. Remember, sound is also a vector that can be followed on the Outer, OR the Inner. 

Have you ever put on a set of head-phones, closed your eyes, and just tuned out the rest of the world to good music? You were allowing the musical sounds to transport your awareness some place else. You were following a vector of sound. But you were doing it on the Outer. 

A mantra, for example is also a case of following a vector of sound

Though you may hear mantras on the outer, physical plane, the beauty and joyride that mantras offer are truly on the Inner. The objective of the person who uses a mantra is really to recreate the action of performing the mantra on the Inner! 

The sound, once achieved on the Inner, acts as a wonderful, pleasurable, magic carpet that can do far more than tune your mind. It can act as a guidepost, (for getting back home – so to speak), a common link, (for a traveling party), a resonant drift, (for experiencing heaven in down mode), and it can attenuate negative vibrations. 

The Secret In The Sound

(Pay attention to what you are about to hear next, because this is the Holy Grail. It is the next phase of human consciousness as, some say, was achieved by the ancient Masters.)

It is what joining Spiritual Vectors has in store for you, if you’re ready for this type of adventure.

Ready? The secret in the sound is in its ability to connect the awareness of two or more souls to a common experience. (Like talking.)

The corroboration of this connection on anything OTHER than this physical/material plane, will herald the intersection of science and spirituality.  

As was stated earlier: “…the Inner, on the other hand, represents an intersection with open access channels to any of the worlds; Higher, Lower, AND Outer.”

What is unique about sound, is that sound is an intersection that connects them all, too! Sound, can, therefore, act as a means of transporting the awareness, through each world, as well. 

The Connection With The Mantras To The Inner

Group mantras (i.e., like in the spiritual temples of Tibet), at least in physical proximity, can connect the minds of the practitioners for group experience in consciousness. 

Tuning the mental frequencies to each other in this fashion as a Phase Two process can confirm the existence of consciousness outside of, (or possibly independent of), the physical body.

This feat is what is known as the Holy Grail of consciousness in this 3rd millennium. You can sit on the sidelines and watch, or you can put on your spiritual gear and take flight. It’s up to you.

Being In Your Own Hyper-Real Universe

But fair warning: as wild and crazy as the Inner can be known to be, it is still just the training ground described here as Phase One. You may get hurt, but it’s doubtful you’ll be annihilated. This is because you’ll still be within the confines of your own backyard. That world didn’t exist before you. 

It’s YOUR Inner world you’re going into. See?

[I’ll be posting a link here on how to get the requisite practice.] But it’s much more like being in a hyper-real world video game where YOU are the source code of everything there that you experience. Every sensation is more vivid than here in the physical.

But the vectors in that world run deep. You can find yourself swimming through an electrical socket chasing a sprite, or hovering above a beautiful forest. But in that forest, the moment you wonder why you’re not in a free fall… well, you’ll soon have to experience that, too.

It’s where, and how, you learn to control your own awareness.

Your Own Avatar

Everything there is faster, more fluid, and more intense. 

Therein lies the control, and the need for requisite training, that allows you to explore your own Inner landscape.

It can also train your senses to react faster than you can think. Your body learns to become unleashed, as it’s no longer weighted down by your physical inertia. The advantages are simply more than I can list. 

It’s like being in a 1st-person video game, except your awareness is 720º, in an avatar with hyper-real sensation, in god-mode. Yes, you can be a brutal tyrant against every living thing, or you can be the guardian angel you wish God were to you. You can literally be, or learn, anything your world can conceive.

Phase One is where you figure out who, and what, you really are, inside. But my advice is to use it to gain skills. Because, in Phase Two, you are absolutely not the ruler of that world. (Hint: It was here eons before you existed. Ergo, you are not its creator.)  

The Outer World Of Phase Two And Sound

The world you experience in Phase Two, however, existed long, long before your existence. And it is probably the breadth and depth of the cosmos itself, in any given direction.

Needless to say, if you haven’t got your wings by mastering Phase One, you may not survive for long in Phase Two. 

Thus, in Phase One, you can learn to master your own consciousness by learning to tap into all of the knowledge and faculties contained within your subconscious.

It’s where you get your wings, so to speak, which includes both fight and flight. 

And sound, of course, consists of the frequencies that run practically all of our communication systems, from: television, to radio, radar, to telephony, from ultrasound, to music.

The outer world is saturated with sound. Everything is a frequency, acting as a particle, a wave, or both. The universe itself has a sound.

Sound is energy. It’s just characterized within a certain bandwidth, to distinguish one sound from another. Riding sound, to surf the universe, takes practice.

But transmitting and receiving sound from mind to mind outside of a physical body, remains the Grail from which all things spiritual gain their proof. For your info: The demonstration has yet to be objectively obtained. (Notice I said, objectively.) 

Here Is What Angel Number 333 Sounds Like In Hertz:

CAUTION: As a precaution, before clicking the link below, be sure your speaker volume is turned all the way down. Then increase the volume slowly to a comfortable level. Note: the volume from the link is already turned down, so you’ll also have to turn it up from the source, also.  

Online Tone Generator
333 Hz,v0.02 

Part 5

How To Access Its Deepest Meaning For You Personally

To access the deepest, most personal, meaning of angel number 333, you have to follow its vector on the Inner. 

The technique for doing that is as follows: Just before going to sleep, command yourself to “find 333.” That’s it. That’s all you have to do. 

The best time is actually after you’ve already been to sleep, woke up, and decided to go back to sleep. It seldom happens immediately, but when it does, you’ll get a jolt.

When you find the number you’ll notice that you just became fully conscious while your body is still deeply asleep.

An outer-body experience (OBE) is a minor description. It is much more than that. (A full explanation is outside the scope of this heading.)

But, it is at that moment that most neophytes become startled and wake up. The trick is in not waking up! 

Once you’ve learned to “stay in,” you’ll discover that you have access to the entire landscape of your Inner world. There is a [system that goes with this], but for the most part, it’s where your journey begins.

You have to learn the ropes to “staying in,” and gaining control of your actions, and your awareness. This new world is super vivid, (much more so than the physical world), and as light as spirit.

It’s what some have referred to as being in the spirit body. But not quite. It just seems like it, compared to being in the physical one.

Following The Vector

Life Timeline Slide Rule
Slide-Rule as Timeline

Once you’ve attained the lucid state, following the vector means to follow where the number takes you.

And, that can range from an absurd power chase through your own world of wizardry, to a mathematically precise slide rule of your life’s timeline.

It depends greatly on how well you can “stay on number” and thus assert intent while your subconscious delivers the goods. 

 How your subconscious communicates with your conscious mind is wholly of your own organism. It gives access to your own subconscious in a way that is natural and direct to you.

But consciously following a vector has the effect of corralling and organizing your intent, and time, while on the Inner. It is where you can unearth the gems of knowledge typically beyond your ordinary capacity to reach.  

And it is here, in the Inner, that you will find what the true meaning of angel number 333 has in store for you personally by following its vector.

How To Employ The Power Of Angel Number 333

To employ the power of an angel number, you first have to discover its meaning for you personally. Remember, a certain number for me may have a completely different meaning for you. We each would, thus, employ the number differently. 

This is because I may not share the same connection to a given number as you. And it’s why to discover its meaning for you, you have to go Inside to get it. 

And as you will soon enough see, this type of connection has nothing to do with the “one size fits all,” Horoscope-type readings of Angel Numbers that you often find on the Internet or in books. This is the real McCoy. 

You are wasting your time with those interpretations and readings. The fact is, someone you’ve never met couldn’t possibly know anything about your connection, or synesthesia, towards any given number.

For example: Could you have possibly known that for me a 5 looks yellow? Or, that the number 8 feels heavy? Or that, some number combinations, to me, can feel outright ominous? And so, when I see them they tend to put me on alert. (P.S.: “All guardians aren’t angels.”)

But my subconscious knows all of this, why it is, and more. The same with yours. 

How To Uncover Artifacts From The Inner

If you are hearing or reading this on the physical, material plane, you are effectively considered on the Outer.

The purpose of following the angel number 333 vector on the Inner is to allow your subconscious to show your conscious mind WHY it’s been showing you this number on the OUTER!

Remember, you’ve reached this exact point in time and place (this present moment), because your internal world, (your Inner), has been showing your external world, (your Outer), the number 333. The question is… why?

You would, thus, follow that vector (333) from the Outer BACK into the Inner, to determine the answer to that question. (So far, so good?)

That answer, thus derived, can take the form of any number of things, from: concepts, contraptions, solutions, portals, to people or creatures, to benefactors, or to knowledge of any kind.

I call that knowledge, an “artifact.” Anything that can be taken from the Inner to be used on the Outer, (or vise versa), is an artifact.

How To Use Artifacts From Following A Vector

For example: [source:] As explained by Dmitri Mendeleev, the father of the periodic table in chemistry, (according to the Royal Society of Chemistry), [excerpt]:

“Mendeleev said that he had a dream in which all of the elements fell into place as required. When he woke up, he immediately wrote them down on a piece of paper — only in one place did a correction seem necessary, he later said.”

In short, Dmitri Mendeleev had taken an Outer problem WITH HIM into the dream state, (the Inner). This is what is meant by “following the vector.” His subconscious then revealed what his conscious mind was focused on, held in place by his intent

Mendeleev, from that Inner experience, was then able to present to the world of chemistry the Periodic Table of Elements.

In short: to use artifacts from following a vector requires the ability to remember the information once obtained. This means there has to be a certain degree of awareness that can “come back” with you from the journey. You have to be able to REMEMBER the dream. 

So, there are several facets to effectively utilizing Inner travel, each of which requires a bit of practice. (The better word would be “training.”)  

Getting The Required Training

To do this “on purpose” is a giant step in the development of your consciousness. And, it is the starting point of an intensely rewarding journey.

It gives your conscious awareness access to your subconscious mind, where all of your knowledge, power, and abilities, are stored.

It is also the same method that can be used for all kinds of other spiritual exploration. This is the case because the Inner is the gateway that connects, (intersects), the Higher and the Lower with the Outer.

To learn more, you’ll have to join. 

Membership Notice:

Material is currently being upgraded to incorporate reviewed use of high-fidelity launch pads; gratis from seasoned practitioners. (Some of these are really nicely appointed!)

Invitation for Membership to this group (011) begins Saturday, Jun-01-2019 by form. Look for Membership Invitation Page in menu.

Very Truly Yours, from

The High Country



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