Angel Number 3434 – What It Means And How To Use It

What does angel number 3434 mean, and how can you utilize its power to make your life impeccable?

Angel number 3434 has an outer countenance, but is an “inner” number. This means that it has an outer geometry but can be utilized on the inner as a guide for spiritual advancement.

In this article, I will show you:

1. The meaning of Angel Number 3434

2. The reason 3434 is an inner number,

3. Its geometric pattern, (as it relates to the sacred geometries)

4. What its properties are, and

5. How to utilize those properties as a tool for your spiritual advancement.

Welcome To Spiritual Vectors

Preliminary Necessities For Your Well Being

So that you’ll know where I’m coming from and the seriousness of spiritual responsibility, I always recommend that you take a bit of time to read the Read Me First article from the top menu.

Some of the processes and “powers” I mention from this site requires that the person using them, (that’s you), to have a well formed spiritual ecology. And I don’t mean that in a religious sense, but rather in an actual spiritual sense.

And you need to know what that really means, and how to get it.

Part 1

The Meaning Of Angel Number 3434

The meaning of ANY angel number has more to do with four major factors than anything else. Those factors are: the outer, the inner, the higher, and the lower.

The “outer” refers to the outer properties of the number on a physical level. This includes the geometry of the number, or its place in a series of numbers, or the design or construction of the number.

The “inner” refers to the relationship of the number to the person; the synesthesia. And that can vary greatly from one person to another. For instance, a “good” number for me, may be a “bad” number for you.

This is why the horoscope-like readings of angel numbers on the Internets these days cannot be a one size fits all. Your relationship with a certain number or sequence may be totally different than someone else’s.

To discover your relationship to which angel numbers affect you, take a look at the article, What is My Angel Number. It shows you exactly how to determine what your affinities to angel numbers are, and how to discover them.

The “higher” and “lower” of course refer to the stature of the number in the hierarchy of numeric properties. For example, see Angel Number 733, as it demonstrates why it is a highly spiritual number, as opposed to most others.

So, what angel number 3434 means to YOU, because it’s an inner number, depends on your association with what will be discussed next.

Part 2

The Reason 3434 Is An Inner Number

Numbers that have lots of outer properties are categorized as outer numbers. For example, triangular numbers, and square numbers, and tetrahedral numbers, etc., are clearly numbers with an “outer” countenance.

But number series also have an outer pattern, because they can be described by an outer diagram of some sort, like a geometry or geometric progression. A Fibonacci pattern is a classic example. The series spans outward like a spiral (a physical countenance).

Inner numbers, on the other hand, have few outer descriptions that describe them. So they take on more meaning from the synesthesia than anything else. Angel number 3434 is one of those numbers.

Here is the proof.

Here is what Angel number 3434 is not:

a palindrome
a prime number
a Mersenne prime number
a Fermat number
a perfect number
a Fibonacci number
a triangle number
a square numbe
a cube number
a factorial number
a pentagonal number
a square number (or centered square)
a heptagonal number
a triangular number
a tetrahedral number

And so on …

But here is what Angel number 3434 is:

It belongs to the set of “Pentagonal numbers multiplied by 2.” This set of numbers can be found at the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences here, (A049450).

And its pattern looks like as shown below.

Part 3

The Geometric Pattern Of Angel Number 3434 (as it relates to the Sacred Geometries)


Angel Number 3434 – Dual Geometric Properties.

The hexagonal spiral around the 0 starting point, also shows the triangular pattern downward with 0, (zero), at the top. The right-side leg of the triangle with series 0, 2, 10, 24, 44, 70, etc., is the leg that includes number 3434 as an expansion of the (A049450) Pentagonal numbers multiplied by 2 series.

The number sequence is as follows:

0, 2, 10, 24, 44, 70, 102, 140, 184, 234, 290, 352, 420, 494, 574, 660, 752, 850, 954, 1064, 1180, 1302, 1430, 1564, 1704, 1850, 2002, 2160, 2324, 2494, 2670, 2852, 3040, 3234, 3434, 3640, 3852, 4070, 4294, 4524, 4760, 5002, 5250, 5504, 5764, …

Part 4

What Are The Properties of Angel Number 3434?

The Outer Property

The outer properties of this angel number can be seen as the right leg of a triangular pattern, embedded into the hexagonal spiral. These, of course, are the outer properties because they physically describe what the pattern “looks like.”

The inner properties relate to you as a function of your personal synesthesia towards the number. Your feelings towards the number is typically the starting point, and the reason you are seeing this, (or any other), angel number, in the first place.

Your subconscious has “filtered” this particular number for conscious consideration out of a sea of other numbers. Those other numbers are just as abundant; but your subconscious has ignored those in favor of showing you this particular number.

So first examine how you feel about the number in order to establish your relationship with it. Does it have a good vibe? Does it evoke fear, or safety; or anything else?

That is the starting point, especially if it’s already obvious.

The Inner Property

To test it, or to examine the veracity of your relationship with the number, do this exercise:

Go to the:

Random Sequence Generator

Set parameters to:

min = 1000 and

max = 9999

Format to: 20 columns.  

This will generate a randomized set of 4-digit numbers between 1000 and 9999, in a 20 column table.

Since they are randomized, your knowledge of where 3434 lurks cannot be known in advance.

Now, just take a look at the entire tabled set of numbers. If your affinity with this number is strong, the number will stand out on its own. (It will find you!)

If you are struggling to find the number in this sea of other 4-digit numbers your affinity with it isn’t that strong.

When you do find it, examine what you feel, that makes it stand out.

If the number has a feeling, or if the number has a color, or if it affects any of your other senses, THAT is your synesthesia as it relates to the number. And THAT is the inner vector the number communicates to you.

Part 5

Utilizing The Properties Of Angel Number 3434 For Your Spiritual Advancement

There are many ways to utilize an angel number. One of the easiest, is to follow its vector. A secondary approach, and almost just as easy, is to adopt, (or incorporate), its properties.

This angel number has virtually no properties on the outer except for its dual participation in the hexagonal/triangular design. The rest is on the inner. This would suggest taking the outer geometric properties (because it’s clearly being shown to you), with you, on the inner.

Taking Outer Artifacts Into The Inner

You can take things, (symbols, concepts, feelings, imagination, anything non-physical), into the inner. And you can pull the same type of things out from the inner into the physical, outer, world. This includes: knowledge, (or solutions), nightmares, love, hate, or anything your non-physical being can conceptualize. These things I call “artifacts.”

Rule of Thumb:

If your relationship with an angel number is positive, it’s okay to take it to the inner. If your relationship with the angel number is negative, the number is serving your interests as a WARNING to not follow that vector. (Therefore, do not take it into the inner.) Got it?

One way to take an outer geometric configuration into the inner is to reconstruct the design as an artifact, to take with you into the inner. You can do this with a symbolic design that retains the “properties” of the number.

You will notice that the geometric pattern, (the hex + triangle configuration), already hands you the design. It already shows you what the design of angel number 3434 looks like, (based on its properties).

If you’re not practiced at concentration or meditation, this might be problematic for you. If that’s the case, the easiest way to utilize an angel number is to follow its vector. And that’s what you’ll doing next. (Taking inner artifacts into the inner.)

Since angel numbers get filtered through your subconscious into your conscious, you’re going to follow that vector back in! And if this is your first rodeo, hold on to your hat.

Taking Inner Artifacts Into The Inner

One of the easiest ways to utilize an angel number on the inner, (if it’s a positive number for you), is to follow its vector.

If you’ve never done this before, get ready for a true spiritual initiation. It’ll turn all kinds of things “on.”

The Technique

Just before you go to sleep, (or after you’ve already been to sleep, woke up, and are about to go back), command yourself to find 3434.

That’s all you have to do. (This can take many days to happen. But don’t force it; let it.)

What happens when you do (find it), is that you will realize that in that moment, you are fully conscious in a dream.

Most people at that point get startled and wake up.

What to do next is the subject of another matter entirely. And, it is why I insist that before you join Spiritual Vectors, you read the Read Me First page from the menu. It establishes a bit of spiritual responsibility before going forward.

But not to leave you hanging, following the vector in this case means to follow where the number takes you, on the inner.

And just a note: you can meet all kinds of things on the inner, and so a good clean spiritual ecology is the first line of order as a spiritual pioneer.

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