Angel Number 4444 – And How To Utilize It

Angel number 4444 is a lattice that interconnect the facets of your personal experience into knowledge, and point of view. It represents the tapestry of your life. But you can alter how experiences are connected by adding to, or subtracting from, the lattice.

The power and utility of angel number 4444 is that it allows you to see how your life is interconnected by the four dimensions that make up the totality of your being. Here is how to utilize that function to make the changes that allow you to experience the life you want.

If you see the four-fours combination often enough to wonder about what it means, this media should clarify not only what it means, but also how to utilize its function.

See Video for shorter version:

The Complete Explanation

There’s a lot to it, but you wouldn’t have made the inquiry unless you were ready. Take your time; let’s get started.

The Map Is Not The Terrain

First, a little bit of groundwork. There is an expression that applies to the world we believe we know, vs the actual (real) world in which we live.

One is a “map” of the world, which is the world we construct from our beliefs, and experiences. And the other, external, is the actual world as it is. They are not the same, but often confused.

Sometimes we think we know something, so strongly, that we recognize that information as fact. We build upon it, and solidify it through confirmation bias.

For example: one religion is certain that it’s the right one, while another religion is just as certain that it’s the right one. And yet they each contradict each other. They can’t both be right, but they can both be wrong.

Each, in this case, is going by the “map” of their respective belief systems, and not the actual world.

The “Map” Of The World

And so, the world you construct, in your head, is what is known in neurolinguistic programming as the “map.” The map is what we use to navigate the real world. But it is often confused as being the real the world. And is also, often, wrong.

Suppose you unfurled a map, of some mountainous terrain you’re trying to navigate. Or, suppose you’re trying to get somewhere in an unfamiliar city, using a map. But, the map does not accurately represent the external environment.

And to top it off, suppose you are unaware that the map is incorrect, but you believe it to be correct! Can you see how it could easily lead to disaster?

Often we are led by beliefs that are reenforced by those same beliefs, but are in fact, false. In programming it’s known as GIGO; garbage in, garbage out.

The Real World

In this sense, you have to be aware that the map, (regardless of how much you covet or believe it to be correct), is NOT the terrain. In context: the inner world is your personal “map” of your experiences and directs how you relate to the external “outer” world.

Angel number 4444 allows you to conceptualize your inner map, from which you can make adjustments as necessary, that better represent the external world, which thereby takes you towards the life you want.

You can gain different insights of the external by adjusting your internal. You do this by refocusing and realigning inner experiences to better direct your outer vectors (of action) towards attaining those things.

You’ve actually heard this expressed in many ways, before. For example:

“Change your thoughts and you can change the world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“We are what we are, because of the vibrations of thought which we pick up and register, through the stimuli of our daily environment. Resolve to throw off the influences of any unfortunate environment, and to build your own life to ORDER.” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich (1938); page 54.

From the inner map, to the outer world, you can make the necessary adjustments so that you are always pointing towards the end goal.

The Role Of Angel Number 4444

The four-fours angel number can be conceptualized as a lattice, joining the connecting facets of your life. It is a “map.”

But, angel number 4444 is a special kind of map. It varies from a typical map in that it is advantageously not to scale. Rather, instead of showing the proximity of things in relationship to each other, as a typical map would do, it equalizes the space between things, thus forming a lattice.

This is so you can see every facet with equal facility. It makes everything as important as everything else.

By equalizing the space, or distance, between things, you can see how making any change to it, affects the entire dimensional scheme. (I know, that sounds a bit weird. But I’ll show you in a moment the what it looks like.)

But, that “entire dimensional scheme” happens to be the tapestry of your life! So, you’d want to be able to see how a change is going to affect everything in your life, not just one dimension.

The angel number 4444 configuration allows you to see those changes equally over the entire span of your personal tapestry, vs your actual neurology.

What Your Neurology Generally Looks Like

Generalization Of Neurons
Figure 1 Generalization Of Neurons

This is a generalization of what a “to scale” neurology looks like; what I refer to as your life’s tapestry.

Nerve Cell
Figure 2 Nerve Cell

And this would be a close-up, noticing that a node can have any number of connections, any distance from any other set of connections.

Equally Spaced 4-D Cube
Figure 3 Equally Spaced 4-D Cube

Now, what if those connections were spread out, so that each node is equally spaced? It would go from something like the picture above, to something like Figure 3. By the way, Figure 3 is a 2-D representation of a 4-dimensional cube.

Now, again, imagine any number of nodes, with connections to any number of other configurations, and you’d have something like this below, (as a 2-D [flattened] representation):

Angel Number 4444 2a
Angel Number 4444 As Tapestry

Suddenly, all patterns can be seen easier when you focus on similar nodes, or similar spaces. Notice the large skeletal pattern when you step back from the picture.

And yet, from the center of any node, there is another pattern established based on how far away from that center, that you focus on. Depicted: is a representation of the angel number 4444 expressed as a lattice pattern.

You can do the same thing from any space.

Note: The 4444 pattern will always appear to be a kaleidoscopic view because it’s flattened. Any system of equidistant, multidimensional nodes like this, flattened, will render a kaleidoscopic view.

This is because, a change to any one thing, (or space), will change them all exactly equidistant from any other feature. (If I could render this in a 3D format, it would be awesome; but I don’t have those tools, yet.)

Why Six Facets Instead Of Four?

To answer a question: why does there appear to be 6 facets, instead of the intuitive four?

The four-fours refer to the flattened (two-dimensional) object, before it is expanded to four dimensions. Four equidistant sides, points, and vertices, yield the square. The square, expanded to a third dimension, yields the cube.

The cube is a hexahedron, which has six faces, not four, as shown below.

Unfolded Hexahedron
Hexahedron Unfolded

Expand to yet another dimension, as the 4-D image in fig. 3 and get the point of the angel number 4444.

But still, any change to one facet, yields the same change to any (all) of the others.

As you can see, it allows you to conceptualize any pattern of connections “as an equidistant nodal pattern” as opposed to a neural hodgepodge, as shown in exhibit 1.

Utilizing Angel Number 4444 To Get The Life You Want

Changing any facet of your life, necessarily changes anything connected to that facet. But it does so on every level of that facet, too.

These changes are what the angel number 4444 communicates, by showing what those changes look like to your overall being. I’ll give examples in a second.

The Major Dimensions Of Your Life

There are four major, (spiritually significant), dimensions to your life. They are:

1. The Outer

2. The Inner

3. The Higher

4. The Lower

From infancy, throughout our development, our brain and mind continue to be formed by a process of connections known as Neuroplasticity.

The world we see and experience is formed via the connections of those dimensions. The Lattice is an equidistant “map,” (or rather – a representation), of how those dimensions are connected.

Everyone’s experiences are different. So, everyone’s neurology is different. This forms a unique view and perspective on the world. And thus, a unique pattern.

But, the lattice of angel number 4444 is a generalization that applies to everyone, and shows how a change to one dimension changes them all. And that’s the point.

When people set out to make changes to their lives, they often overlook the fact that it affects all other aspects of their life, too. No matter how small.

You have to be able to accept the consequence within each dimension, for any real change to be satisfactorily made.

Changes Cascade

A change to the higher, changes the lower, the inner and the outer. And the same holds for each, no matter where you make that change, or what change you make.

If by making even a small change, the entire design of your life becomes unattractive, you may not want to consider making that change.

(So, when you consider making a change, you have to “blossom” that change into every aspect of your life, (higher, lower, inner, outer), in order to see how that change will eventually play out. To not do so, is to make changes blindly.)

On the flip side, a very small change can make your life absolutely beautiful, and can even transform ENTIRELY the blossoming design of the rest of your life.

Such a change is what I call a spiritual vector; but that’s another conversation completely. Let’s look at some examples of how it actually works.

How Angel Number 4444 Works – A Few Examples

Remember the picture of the lattice above? This is what it looks like now, with just a very small change: one blue line was added.
Small Change 4444 c

Below, is a continuation of that change: (in other words, no new changes – just allowing the original change to continue as it transforms the whole):
Continuance Angel Number 4444 d

Same continuance:
Continuance 4444 f

Same continuance:
Continuance 4444gAs you can see, one small change can create a continuing vector that eventually affects the entire tapestry. (And yet, some small changes are  hardly noticed.)

By the way; the “addition” was a straight blue line, (to distinguish it from everything else), between open spaces in the original tapestry.

Using This Knowledge To Get The Life You Want

The world continues with or without you. It keeps on spinning. But as your individual life continues to progress, neurologically, it continues to add to its current design.

But you can consciously add to your life tapestry, in the open spaces, while all this is happening. Or, you can create open spaces, to add to it, by what a Yaqui sorcerer once called, “stopping the world.”

Stopping the world is basically what meditation, (and some drugs), does. Though I’m not condoning using drugs of any kind for this, the psychotropic drugs appear to do this wonderfully well. But again, I do not recommend it. It’s too dangerous, illegal, and requires more control than you might have.

Stick with magic carpets, kaleidoscopic tapestries, meditation, guided meditation, and certain “qualified” self-hypnotic techniques.

Important Note Regarding Other People’s Scripts: Make sure they use “clean” language. The ecology of your “inner” is always at stake, when using someone else’s scripts. Just a heads-up. If you use guided meditation, be sure you’re able to see the script beforehand. Make sense?

How To Begin And What To Do –  “Stop The World”

Nevertheless, the process begins with “Stopping the world.” The phrase is a figure of speech for reaching a mental state whereby the outer world loses its importance to an object (or objective) of concentration or action.

A state of Zen would qualify, as would being in a “zone.” A state of clarity, a state of heightened concentration or awareness, a state of inner silence, all qualify.

An easy way to “stop the world” is to kick out the legs of what upholds our usual world, and that is to stop the internal dialog. Yup, it’s our internal dialog that keeps us “grounded” in our typical, noisy, state of awareness.

All of the examples stated above result from shutting off the internal dialog.

One of the easiest ways, I’ve discovered, is to just watch… This is why the moving mandalas, the tapestries, the magic carpets, the old hypnotist’s disc, the hypnotist’s pendulum, even ‘counting sheep,’ can induce people into an altered, deeper state of consciousness.

Watching is easier than concentrating, because it doesn’t demand any resources from the mind.

Using these methods, anyone can usually “stop the world.” The role of angel number 4444 is that as a tapestry, it also makes it easy to “stop the world.” Stick around as I begin to upload videos. It’ll become more apparent as this is what tapestries do. Right now, I’m just in the writing phase of this site’s development.

Add To Open Spaces

By learning to “stop the world,” you can better see the pattern of your personal tapestry. It is in the open spaces that you can “add” to your tapestry the easiest.

Please note: you are now making the transition of what it looks like on screen, to what it looks like in your life. One is an analog of the other.

But you can stop the actual world by looking at a moving analog, the rotating tapestry of angel number 4444, for example.

Here is a perfect example of using a mandala, or a magic carpet, to “still your mind” for meditation, and from there what it means to stop the world. (It’s a Youtube link, so don’t forget to come back. But I think you’ll enjoy the ride!)

It usually happens between the transitional phases between one discernible design and another. Your inner dialog tends to stop, as it doesn’t yet know which visual to latch onto. So it tends to just shut up and watch.

In those open spaces where everything has stopped, you can add to your tapestry. This is where the small changes can blossom into a whole new life; by following a spiritual vector.

That specific process is a different subject altogether. To get that, you’ll have to subscribe to Spiritual Vectors after you read and understand where I’m coming from, as described in the Read Me First section of this site. As a responsible person, I insist on it.

Subtract From Already Used Spaces

The concepts are the same. Just as you can add to open spaces, you can subtract from your personal tapestry, unwanted negativity. I call this, “removing negative clutter.

Remember that quote by Napoleon Hill? You can resolve to throw off negative nodes, and all their connecting facets, everywhere in your tapestry.

Internally, you can do this by first turning it from color into black and white, and then by making its image, (and thus its importance), smaller and smaller until it no longer exists.

Just remember, as with anything you add, anything you remove can affect every dimension of your life as well. And if it’s a negative or debilitating thing, removing it could turn out to be a very liberating experience, indeed.

In Conclusion

Angel number 4444 is a map in the form of a lattice. The purpose of the lattice form is to allow you to see every facet of your life with equal facility.

By equalizing the space between the objects that comprise the tapestry of your life, you can better see how even small changes, can affect your overall life, including: the higher, the lower, the outer, and the inner.

The moving analog of angel number 4444 can also help you to “stop the world.” The power in any moving tapestry is that it can put you into a state of induction, where significant life changes can be made to your consciousness much easier.

Thus, the angel number 4444 holds a tremendous amount of value to the person who knows how to utilize its function for life altering changes.



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