Angel Number 55 And The Good Omen

Angel number 55 is a Master key. It represents a heavenly passport of many dimensions. It is the 10th triangular number as well as the largest triangular Fibonacci sequence. And it works wonders for Inner insight.

As a palindrome, angel number 55 succeeds in any environment. It is used as an access, or as a privileged passage. It amounts to a free pass. Here is how to utilize this good omen.


If You Are Seeing Angel Number 55 Often

Here is one case where you can count your lucky stars. If numbers held a badge of honor, this number would have many. I’ll first explain the reasons you are lucky to notice this number. And then I’ll show you how to utilize it.

First things first: as with any angel number, your feeling towards the number is important. Some angel numbers are not necessarily good, or bad. Angel numbers are often presented as simply a positive or negative vector. It is the simplest presentation an angel number can communicate.

What I mean by this is that, if you see a number or set of numbers often, you must first assess your gut instincts towards that number. If you get a negative vibe from the number, it is being presented so that you won’t follow that vector!

For example: suppose you are headed towards a dark alley and you happen upon a frequent number that gives you a bad vibe. The message really can’t be presented any clearer. It’s a warning! Don’t go down that path. Got it?

Now, about the honorable angel number 55. It’s not just a speed limit. This particular angel number is very strong on both the Inner and the Outer.

What’s So Good About It?

Angel number 55 is ambidextrous! By this, I mean, it’s a palindrome. It acts as passage both to, and from. If you’re familiar with gematria, you might notice this number in the English Ordinal reduces to 10, then 1.

Associated words that this number embodies include, “Satan” as well as “wicked.” Be not alarmed! It’s a palindrome and works in both environments, (the higher and the lower). So, it also embodies “Heaven” as well as “sky.” It’s a skeleton key.

It’ll let you into the basement as well as the attic. It’ll also let you out of the basement, as well as the attic!

It can do this because the design of angel number 55 makes it a member of several classes of numbers, simultaneously.

For starters, it’s the same forwards as backwards. Secondly, it’s a triangular number.

What’s good about a triangular number is that they answer so many types of problems with simple formulas and geometries. The properties of these numbers were studied by the Pythagoreans. The link above elaborates an exhaustive demonstration of the wonders of triangular numbers.

Pascal’s Triangle is one of the most useful tools in mathematics. Its shape is a triangle, and includes all triangular numbers, among others. [ ]

If you watch the video (see Youtube link above), you can see how mathematicians “decode” secrets of universal constants, that aren’t even yet exhausted!

55 Triangular Number
55 Triangular Number

For our purposes though, triangular numbers represent quantities that can be arranged in a triangular pattern. In this sense, angel number 55 has a geometric countenance, where Tn=10. [base and height of 10]

Any number that has a geometric design also has an “outer” significance. It has a relationship to the construction of the universe. I discuss that construction briefly about the E8 project. But this particular angel number is more than triangular.

Angel Number 55 Is Also A Fibonacci

[] Fibonacci patterns are known as the “fingerprint” of God. The link provided is a simple video explanation of why.

Fibonacci numbers are part of a sequence that represent the pattern of Nature. [] And so, now we also have angel number 55 as a key in a pattern of Nature’s design. It is the largest triangular number in the Fibonacci sequence. But it doesn’t stop there.

Square Pyramidal Number
A Square Pyramidal Number

It is also a square pyramidal number, which takes us right into the 3rd dimension of construction of material things.

Geometrically, a square pyramidal number represents the quantity of spheres that can be stacked on top of a square base to form another layer of a square-based pyramid. This is key to construction of the material world, as well.

And, It’s A Heptagonal Number!

And, among other things, angel number 55 is a heptagonal number! You saw how it was a triangular number. But wouldn’t you know it? It also fits into the geometrical pattern of numbers that form a heptagon – seven sided geometry.

See angel number 7, for information on its value as an angel number.  As shown in the picture, the first five heptagonal numbers are:  1, 7, 18, 34, 55.

But it doesn’t end there. Angel number 55 is also a centered nonagonal number! A “nonagonal” is a plane figure with nine straight sides and nine angles. (A nine sided polygon.)

Centered Nonagonal
Centered Nonagonal Numbers

This puts angel number 55 squarely in the center of yet another geometric countenance for nine sided geometry. And it’s right in the center of it.

I can go on with this, but I think you get the point. If you possess angel number 55 as a feature in your life, you possess a Master Key. Here’s how to use it.

How To Use Angel Number 55 As A Master Key In Your Life

You can use angel number 55 in your life in several ways. It has great flexibility, and can be thought of as a “Swiss Army” angel number.

Everything I showed you so far has been to demonstrate that it has several utilities as an objective number, with many facets. But as an Inner Number it has just as many uses and secrets.

Without your subscription to Spiritual Vectors I can only offer a few of the most basic uses, here. But I’m sure with practice you can grasp many of the powers of this number on your own. For now, here are some of the basics.

As A Life Vector, I’s A Confirmation 

I mentioned earlier that its appearance in your life is a stroke of luck. The reason is because angel number 55 has a stand-alone meaning. Without you having to do anything, it is a message of confirmation.

If you’re in a state of transition, or wondering if you should proceed with an actionable direction in your life, this angel number is about as good as a go-ahead as you can get.

As always, don’t do anything stupid. If you see a speed limit of 55 and you’re thinking about flooring it to 100, you can expect to reap the consequences of that action. The law of cause and effect doesn’t go away just because you see an angel number. Do your due diligence.

But as a vector, or a pointer for a life direction, it’s as good as gold.

For example: suppose you’ve committed to a decision but you’re not sure if it’s the right one. And it’s been weighing on your mind if you could have chosen something better.

At that moment, out of the blue, you look up at the microwave and to see 00:55 staring you in the face. At that point, it’s a pretty clear communication that the choice you made is among the best that you could have made.

You can feel confident that whatever emerges from that decision has a host of other positive advantages, making it a vector you can pursue with assurance. That’s because this angel number is a confirmation. Pare it with what you’re thinking, or doing, at the moment you see it.

Whatever problems or road blocks that might creep up, angel number 55 has likely already answered in the wings. You can, thus, be confident towards taking that vector.

For Inner Insight

You can use angel number 55 for inner insight. By now you know the power of thinking in terms of vectors. Every decision you make, large or small, opens an avenue for your life direction.

Once you fully grasp this, you can easily eliminate negative clutter.

What you may not know, is that this same phenomenon occurs in the Inner, as well. And like on the outer, you can follow the 55 vector, if and when it appears in your inner world.

Now, take a pause for a second because this might not be familiar to you. But if you ever decide to become conscious in your dreams, (lucid dreaming), and see the number 55, it’s your cue to follow that vector.

I can’t say any more at this point, for reasons explained briefly below.

As A Free Pass

One of the privileges of owning this master key, as an artifact, is its ability to solve almost any predicament. I spent the first half of this article to convince you of the outer value and geometry of angel number 55 so you could understand its inner value.

If it appears on the outer, as a true angel number, in your life  – you can take it with you to the inner as an artifact. This is one of those things that takes a bit of practice.

But once you have this under your belt, the whole world of the Inner, as it relates to numbers and the sacred geometries, open up to you. It amounts to a free pass.

To learn more, you’ll have to subscribe to Spiritual Vectors, when it becomes available. Before you do that, please read completely our Read Me First page, so you can know where we’re coming from and the level of responsibility we accept and expect, and why.

In Conclusion

Angel number 55 is a very positive omen, and if it appears in your life, it signals great new powerful life changes to come. It has so many positive attributes, it can be considered a Swiss Army angel number.

Its most basic meaning is as a confirmation, of choices already made, (or about to be made). On the Inner, its greater utility is as an “access” portal through most any predicament. It’s a Master Key. And the person who possesses it, is on his/her way to mastering the sacred geometries and their related numerical meanings, along with their uses.


Always, Yours
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