The Power of Angel Number 7 – And How To Use It

Why is Angel Number 7 so astonishing that even people not so spiritually inclined, know to draw upon its power for good luck and fortune? Here is what angel number 7 means, and how to use it to help get the life you want.

Angel number 7 is a spiritual prime, which makes it a constituent building block. But it is also an “insulator” because it cannot be divided with, or by, negative influences. For this reason, the power of this number can be used to build strong, positive, spiritual vectors in your life.

Of Maths And Spiritual Building Blocks

The maths, including geometries, have been the language of construction and communication for the entire universe. It is the language that unifies all languages. And it is the source of knowledge that describes the universe, from large to small.

The “words” in the language of math are literally the numbers. Numbers are the building blocks of the mathematical languages.

Astronomers use maths to decipher every aspect of the cosmos. Physicists use maths to understand and decipher things too small to be seen. Every study of any aspect of our universe can be learned through some form of math, if it can be counted or measured.

2+2 = 4 doesn’t become wrong when we change our physical location, or change languages. Others may have a different sound for the word 2, and a different sound for the word 4, but the meaning of the mathematical phrase is the same, regardless of language.

The universe is constructed with building blocks, (the subject of quantum mechanics), which are deciphered with math.

On the spiritual side, angel number 7 is one of those building blocks. I’ll demonstrate this concept in a moment.

The Building Blocks Are The Smallest Indivisible Numbers

One foundation of math is called, “The Fundamental Theorem Of Arithmetic.” It is also known as, “the unique factorization theorem.” It means, every integer greater than 1, is either a prime number, (the smallest indivisible number besides 1 and itself), or is a unique product, of prime numbers.

Primes are thus the building blocks of every integer that is not itself a building block, except for the number 1, which is actually not a prime.

What many mathematicians and philosophers have surmised throughout the ages, is that the geometries and maths also describe or relate to the spiritual worlds. One of the most modern approaches to this is the E8-polytope.

Examples of Angel Number 7 Related To Spiritual History And Philosophies

Examples of the spiritual value of seven is replete throughout history and mythological lore. For example:

There are the seven heavens of Islam, Judaism, and Jainism. The seven heavens are also found in the Mesopotamian religions, predating the Abrahamic religions.

In Christianity, there are the Seven Seals in the biblical Book of Revelation – “The seventh seal cues seven angelic trumpeters who in turn cue the seven bowl judgments and more cataclysmic events.”

There are: the Seven Deadly Sins, the seven planes of creation, the seven lucky gods – in Japanese mythology.

7 Chakras
7 Chakras

There are the seven Chakras, see illustration, in eastern philosophies and religions, the seven colors of the rainbow, and on.

But on a purely psychological level, 7 is the number most likely to be chosen as the “most favorite” number by people around the world! [source:   Bellos, Alex (8 April 2014). “‘Seven’ triumphs in poll to discover world’s favourite number”. The Guardian. Retrieved 9 February 2017.]

And mathematically, 7 is the fourth prime number; the second Mersenne prime, and thus, of course, it has no other factors except 1 and itself. This makes it an indivisible building block.


So, How Do You Use Angel Number 7 To Make Your Life Better?

There are at least two ways to use an angel number. But it depends greatly on the number of digits. Angel Number 7 is only one digit, so it can be used as a symbol, (which is somewhat lackluster), or it can be used strongly as a building block.

As you already know, most people use it for luck. But how do they do that? Even unknowingly, people have a gut instinct that the number 7 has a property associated with good, immediate future, events, such as luck.

Angel Number 7 as greatest probability
Greatest Probability of Sum 7 in Dice

In games of 6-sided dice, it is a mathematical probability for 7 to occur as a combination more than any other number. [See Illustration] But in games of equal chance, such as a lottery, 7 offers no particular advantage.

Not knowing this, people tend to play number 7 more often in state, and national jackpot lotteries. But here’s a clue. Lottery numbers are randomly drawn. There is no inherent favor of any specific math (as in dice), number, or set of numbers. Not even for lucky number 7.

So, the number 7 has as much chance of being “hit” as any other number. However, it is well known that “lucky number 7” is a favorite with lottery players, as well.

Food for thought: Since the chances of any number combination is the same, (per that lottery), as any other combination…  And, since more people tend to play the number 7 more than any other number…  It makes for a better strategy to NOT play number 7.

Why is this, you might ask?

So, you won’t have to share a winning pot with lots of other players! []

“People who pick ‘lucky’ numbers such as 3 and 7 are just as likely to win the lottery as people who pick numbers out of the hat. But if they hit the jackpot, they have to split the cash with more winners.

That’s what happened on November 14, 1995, when 133 tickets shared the £16 million prize — each winner got just £120,000. The winning numbers were 7, 17, 23, 32, 38, 42 and 48 — all popular numbers with players.”

Now, if lucky number 7 were actually luckier, it would have a better win rate than any other number in a lottery. It does not.

So, back to the question: How do you use angel number 7 to make your life better?

Using Angel Number 7 As A Building Block

As a single-digit spiritual prime, you should use as a building block.

First and foremost, “seven” represents a quantity.  It is also a quality, in that it can’t be broken down or deconstructed into other building blocks.

You can therefore use the quality of angel number 7 to build anything that requires continuing action to gain an accomplishment.

You do this by doing things in sets of seven, instead of the more common threes, twelves, or tens.

Why does this matter?

If you’ve ever lifted weights, for example, you most likely did the sets in ‘three sets of three.’ That’s great. Three is a building block. It’s a natural; because three is also a prime!

But to increase, you likely either increased the weight, or the set/rep ratio, i.e. four sets of three, and so forth. That’s because 3 was still the building block.

Some people use 10. They go for 10 reps, three times. Three is still the building block. But here I want you to make a spiritual leap. And try something totally different.

Tuning-In To The Spiritual Alignment

Of things that require sets of repetition, try to break away from the traditional ‘lower’ building block of 3x. And instead, align your inner count pattern to the higher 7x pattern.

You’ll be constructing a much stronger and deeper foundation for whatever it is you are building.

This new pattern can have an extraordinary effect, not just on the outer, but on your inner strength. It is a deeper utilization of will, and is literally more than twice the power than a lesser building block.

This is often that spiritual strength that you can sense in a person, without knowing hardly anything about that person. Sometimes you can just feel a person’s personal power, without any spoken words.

Some, thought few, I believe, are born with this type of personal power. But aligning yourself with angel number 7, in this fashion, develops it by force from the inside out.

A Necessary Note:

I used the weight-lifting example for a specific reason. Using angel number 7 is perfectly analogous to lifting weights.

The point being: at first, it is not very easy. And shifting over to the 7x frame requires you to have a strong will to surpass the much easier 3x system.

Using Angel Number 7 As An Insulator From Negative Influences

If you can succeed in aligning yourself with the 7x pattern, you already possess the strength of will to overcome negative psychic influences.

Angel number 7 acts as an insulator from negative influences because once it is built into your system, you take on the qualities of the number as an indivisible.

I would further add that it is one of those cases where the power is by might, not by something ‘given.’ You have to literally earn its power by taking it.

If you aren’t born with it, you have to take it by might. It becomes you, when you become it.

As one such highly developed man joked to me:

“As I walk through the valley of darkness I fear no evil, because I am the baddest, meanest, son of a b*tch, in the valley.”

The punch line is that it wasn’t at all a joke. He remains the greatest spiritual warrior I’ve ever known.

Such is the power of angel number 7.

Sincerely Yours,

The High Country



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