Angel Number 8888 – How To Use Its Protection

The Angel number 8888 can truly be one of the most solid psychic forces around, because it has two powers and two utilities. Here is how to interpret, and utilize each.

First, angel number 8888 is primarily used as a fortress. It has no moral value per se, but can be used to secure or to protect. And, secondly, it can also be used as a “staunch.” Here’s how to do either.

When you see the quad-eights often, you are actually being offered a tool. Like finding a treasure or a power-up in a video game, it’s presented so you can utilize it. But first, here are some general rules of thumb before acquiring or using the power of any angel number.

See Video For Graphical Explanation

General Rules Of Thumb Before Acquiring Any Angel Number

In general, even before knowing the meaning of any angel number, I would recommend examining your feelings towards the number itself. This is because each of us have different synesthesia towards any given number.

What’s awesome for me might be disastrous for you, even if it’s the same number. So; how do you know if a set of angel numbers is right for you? The answer is this: Do you like the way it FEELS?

If you get a queasy feeling about any set of numbers, I do not advise following that vector. To go by your gut instinct, in this situation, is not a figure of speech.

The outer number itself is just the symbol of the meaning. If the symbol is accurate, and you get a bad vibe from the number, the meaning is clear. It’s a warning. Don’t follow that vector. Simple enough?

And, of course if you get a great feeling from the number, you might want to see where it takes you. But use your inner instinct first and foremost.

And finally, so that you know a bit about where I’m coming from, with regard to giving this information, by all means refer to the Read Me First page. Thank you.

Now, let’s get to the goods, shall we?

What It Means To YOU When You See This Number Often

If you’re actually seeing this number often, it is because YOU either need protection or something related to you needs protection. This could be on a physical or psychological level.

It could also mean that you, or something related to you, requires the power to stand strong against something and you need the strength. (This is where you can utilize angel number 8888 as a “staunch.”) But, that’s a separate utility and I’ll discuss that last.

On occasion, some people tend to want to tear down what they see you trying to build up, or protect. The reasons for this could range from malicious jealousy, to honest competitiveness.

Dealing with it, however, can result in a drain on your positive energy and attitude.

And worse, on occasion, it may seem like the entire world is trying to tear you down, or what you’re trying to build. If you’re an adult, it’s really nothing new. If you’re an adolescent, welcome to the adult word.

The truth is, the universe doesn’t revolve around you. (Or me, or anyone else. It’s way bigger than that.) It’s when you DON’T remember or recognize that, your strategy for dealing with it fails.

Nevertheless, there are times when you need to put up a protection device from the negativity of others. Because, sometimes… it really IS coming from negative people trying to tear you down.

During these times you need to leave them all behind and take flight, (not away, but up). And not with drugs; with something far, far superior.

When You Need Psychic (Or Psychological) Protection From An Overbearing Person

The angel number 8888, when used as a protective device, is a long term “solid” method for the internal. But you have to construct it. I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’m going to offer two methods before getting to the long term angel number method in case you need protection right now.

So, what if you need protection from an overbearing or negative person right now, in the external?

Try this technique I learned from Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neurolinguistic Programming. (Source: Get The Life You Want, pg. 16; Changing Bad Feelings Exercise) Click the link, then scroll down the outline form to the specific expanded section, Change Bad Feelings.

Method 1 – Immediate Protection

If a person intimidates you, is overbearing, or irritates you, try this. Make an image of the person, in real time, as a clown, (or do it while they’re talking down to you). Yup; see them in funny clown costume, big giant clown shoes they can hardly walk in, and with a big bright red nose.

Imagine squeezing that nose and hearing the squeak. Imagine hearing their voice as Sylvester the Cat, or as Donald Duck’s voice, or Yosemite Sam.

Seriously, the first time I put the red nose on someone, their power over me vanished immediately and never came back. I didn’t need to do anything else, ever. That was all it took. It works like a charm.

Method 2 – Intermediate Protection

You’ll love this so much, I guarantee you’ll keep doing it. Taking refuge into the positive beauty of sound has been the staple of spiritual flight for centuries!

This has been true since long before the advent of modern music systems, record players or radio. Long before any of that, there were mantras that took monks and neophytes alike, to higher planes.

And prior to that, all tribes had some sort of music. Music is as ancient as humans. It helps us to take flight, away from here, the material world.

The question is, what sounds, (or music), in particular?

The use of sound, and/or music, as a spiritual vector is its own subject entirely. But, here, I want you to “catch” its use as a shield, while you actually build one!

The sounds that I’m going to recommend here are only to make what you’re about to build, easier, and pleasurable.

Because the protection afforded by angel number 8888 needs to be built, this intermediate step just makes things so much easier. The effort it takes is so small, you may actually consider it “effortless.”

Here’s what you do:

Step 1: while listening to the music list below,

Step 2: visualize the quad-eight fortress pattern (symbol) shown below.

That’s it. Nothing else needs to be done. Don’t do anything with it; you don’t need to.

Why Does This Work?

A subscription to Spiritual Vectors will answer this completely, but the short answer is as follows: artifacts can not only be taken from the inner, but can also be taken to the inner.

In this case, this particular type of music serves as a conduit while the visualization serves as the package. This music is designed to put you under, which makes it awesome for induction.

The genre is known as “Sleep Music.”

Here are a couple of examples: (but use earbuds, in high fidelity). Listen to it when you are HOME and in a very quiet environment that will allow you to literally fall asleep, undisturbed!

Please Note: After selecting the link, you’ll have to click the “play” button for the right track, because if you already have a Pandora account, it may start playing the last song you already have in cue, not the song the link takes you to.  Got it?

Sunlight Through A Feather, Wings II, 2002. In this one, the sparse piano tone keeps you from going completely under, because I want you to be able to distinguish each side of consciousness (Outer vs. Inner), before you do go under.

Where Rasa Lives, Steve Roach. And this one will take you completely under.

Reiki Gold, Llewellyn. This one here is a representative not of the Sleep Music genre, but of the Relaxation genre, which is often, haphazardly, mixed with sleep music.

I added the Reiki so you can tell the difference. In the first two, the undertones change your brainwaves towards that of pleasurable sleep.

But both types can lure you to sleep by virtue of their relaxing properties. And, listening to this genre of music can be every bit as beneficial as meditation. The power of this type of music is explained next.

How Input From The “Outer” Can Affect Your Brainwaves And Change Your “Inner”

This type of music is a perfect example of how input from the “outer” can literally change your brainwaves and cause a chemical reaction to produce pleasurable sensation.

These tones produce a deep movement in the areas of feeling, mostly pleasurable sensations via harmonic resonance that can be absorbed by the mind and often felt in the body. (Remember when I said “better than drugs?”)

Here’s an excerpt from, Music Gives Brain Natural Buzz; source: WebMD.

Quote: “Researchers found that listening to music releases the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain and sends pleasure signals to the rest of the body. And the more pleasing the music is to the ear, the more intensely pleasurable the experience is for the body.”

This type of music capitalizes on that completely. Remember when I mentioned the mantras, earlier? Here’s my hunch: they did it because of the pleasurable state of serenity it induces. This type of music (sounds) can elicit various pleasure inducing chemicals in the brain. [See above.]

I imagine the vibratory states that open chakras are along for the ride.   

And, here’s the package: the fortress symbol as represented by the Angel Number 8888.

Quad-8’s Fortress Pattern

Key To The Treasure: Using music that elicits pleasure, while inducing you into a deep subconscious state, while you visualize the angel number 8888 as a fortress symbol, creates a strong pleasurable association that solidifies its place into your inner world.

It’s a triple association that sticks.

Using Angel Number 8888 As A Fortress

In this section, I’ll be showing you how the square pattern of angel number 8888 works as a fortress, and how to utilize it.

I want you to notice, it is constructed of eight circles around the center point of two 90-degree squares. Each square is centered to the center point of each circle.

Notice too, that each point, (corner), of the square is “guarded” by three circles; one in the middle and one to either side. And that each side of the square is “guarded” by three circles; one in the middle and one to either side. This pattern protects each facet of the square from the outside.

If you had one guess as to what to put inside of this pattern, I believe you’d guess right. It would be you! Or, on a psychic level, whatever needs protecting. And there are a couple of ways to do this.

From The Outer To The Inner

You are communicating the outer form, the symbol, to your “inner” consciousness. The first way to do this is to make the symbol large, and sit in it. In this fashion, you are literally getting “inside” of the fortress.

Angel Number 8888 Protection Mat

Your “Inner” often speaks to you through symbolism, like in dreams, or in deep meditation. You can speak back to it in the same way. This is pretty much why symbolism exists in the first place.

No talisman, amulet, witch’s magic circle or pentagram, crest, or crown, has any significance without the ability of the “inner” to make sense of a symbol. The aura, the chakra, the nimbus, the drawing on an ancient cave, all communicate to others a “meaning” that bypasses verbal language.

Seeing the fortress around you like this, takes it with you into your inner.

If at some point you construct your own magic carpet, as an example, (you’ll need to get a subscription to learn how to do this from Spiritual Vectors), you’d do very well to add this configuration onto its design.

(Some carpets don’t have outer protective layers. This would be a case where this design would come in handy.)

For your purposes now, however, a six foot square yoga mat would be perfect. Simply construct this design onto the mat. Use the mat for meditation. You don’t need to do anything else.

The act of consciously and purposely sitting inside of this design communicates to your “inner,” without the necessity of words, the intent of your actions, its purpose, and its meaning.

Using Angel Number 8888 As A Staunch

Angel number 8888 is a ruthless, but beautiful number set. It’s symbolic beauty makes it appear inspired of spirit. But its utility is as a solid, and its properties are mechanical.

While the square “fortress” configuration keep influences from entering your psychic space from the outside, the double-diamond “staunch” configuration keeps you keenly focused inside of your psychic space. The double-diamond pattern strengthens your ability to stand your ground.

It solidifies your position as an immovable object, (even if you happen to be wrong).   

Angel Number 8888 Staunch Pattern
Quad-Eight “Staunch” Pattern

The technique is the same. The symbol is different. The diamond configuration of angel number 8888, is a set of eight interlocked rings.

Diamond on the top. Diamond on the bottom.

It is much more dense, and maps the points of the double diamond shape of the octahedron, of which there are 8 faces, (go figure).

Octahedron Pattern
Octahedron Pattern – Platonic Solid

(The Staunch pattern uses the protective shell of the Octahedron.)

The octahedron, formed by the staunch, is one of the five platonic solids.

On a side note: any of the platonic solids can act as a fortress; but for now we’re only talking about one.

An Important Note About Usage And Understanding

As a fortress or as a staunch, its power lies entirely in the inner, and with the person using it.

What I mean by “entirely in the inner” is that its effect can affect another person’s inner, and/or it can affect YOUR inner. But it won’t affect the outer. Confused?

Consider: There is the higher, the lower, the inner, and the outer. A “symbol” is a form of communication. In this case, between the outer and the inner.

But let me make sure you understand. A SYMBOL of protection is not the same as the actual protection. An actual protection, for example, would be a bullet-proof vest, or a helmet, and so forth.

A “symbol” of protection, however, exists as the interface between the outer and the inner. And its power lies in what is communicated to the inner. It is this that fortifies your psyche against the psyche of others. (Your inner vs. the inner of others.)

In this sense, it can protect you from the pollution of other people’s ill will or negativity, by fortifying yours. But it will not protect you from accident, a stray bullet, or an intentional punch to the nose. (At least not from the external, material, world.)

In conclusion

In short, it is an artifact that can be built on the outside and carried to the inside. On the inside, however, and this is what’s important: it can have as much power as you allow it to have.

You see, your “inside” is created predominately by two things: the data consisting of the influences on your life from the outer world, (i.e., your daily experiences), and you.

But, you are the ultimate Creator of your own “inner” world. You get to create and arrange that world, depending on what you do with the data. You cannot control all the data that come into your world, but you can control what you do with it.

(Sometimes, when we make reference to a beautiful person, we are referring to that person’s “inner.” We are referring to how that person has arranged their inner world, and it reflects in their outer being.)

The “outer” supplies the vast portion of our building blocks in the form of experiences and learning. Some of those building blocks suck; like shitty experiences. But once they’re in there, they’re there; while other experiences can be truly great.

The symbol of the angel number 8888 is one building block you can create from the outer, for the inner, to do a specific job. And that job is to protect, or to fortify, your inner ecology from the negative crap of others.

When your inner is impervious to the negativity of others, you will have reached a significant spiritual milestone. I’m not saying it’s easy; but you now have the tools to forge and control your own inner domain, solidly.

Sometimes the best way to keep out the elements is to build a house. In this case, a fortress.


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