Why Is the Meaning Of Angel Number 911 So Important?

Angel number 911 is one of the most important communications there is. It is never to be taken lightly. And it is never to be ignored if you are seeing this number frequently.

Seeing angel number 911 means that your attention has been attuned to a danger signal in your life, OR it is a distress message that someone, or some thing, in your life needs your help immediately.

The added significance of seeing this number is in the urgency.

How To Interpret Angel Number 911 Spiritually

Starting From The Inner

If you’re a student of Spiritual Vectors, or you’re thinking of becoming one, you may already know that there are four facets that pertain to your being. These are the Higher, the Lower, the Outer, and the Inner.

Things that “touch” your life in some fashion, either enter or exit one of these dimensions. When the “higher” is trying to communicate with you, it utilizes an avenue that most impresses the least resistance to the communication.

If you need to pass a love note, you do it discreetly, right? But if you need immediate emergency help, you yell it at the top of your lungs, right? Angel number 911 is a yell!

Consequently, you may see this number in the most blatant fashion. The question is, how do you know what it is pertaining TO? How can you be of service, or dodge a danger if you don’t know what it is referring to?

Here is how you begin to unravel that mystery. When you get used to using this process, you’ll be able to figure these out immediately. But assuming you’re starting from scratch, do this:

And you actually do this with any angel number as a starting point. Ready? It is this:

Start With The Number

Examine your feelings towards the number! In this case, if it’s really a distress signal of some sort (because it may just be a coincidence), you should feel an ominous sensation of urgency somewhere within your feelings.

When you do this, it is starting from the inner. Now match that feeling with whatever in your life already gives you that sensation. Because, more often than not, a distress of this sort is already something you are aware of, but have let get to a tipping point.

In this case, if you don’t have what it takes to be your own emergency responder, you will probably see the death of something you deemed dear. This could be anything from: an aspiring career, a friendship, a diploma, or virtually anything of inner value to you.

The urgency is in the fact that it could also be a significant change in your life vector. The answer, if it’s possible to save, is to quit dicking around and handle your necessary affairs like a mature grown up.

  But what if the distress is on behalf of someone else?

Being Somebody’s Hero

angel number 911
Angel Number 911

Angel number 911 may also be a distress emergency in the life of another, but requires you for the rescue. And they need your help immediately. This is the case in first responders to a situation not of their making. This represents a communication for the outer.

But in a case like this, there is also a significant chance that helping this other person, or thing, will result in a life changing benefit TO YOU as well, at least karmically.

These situations set up all sorts of life vectors that affect more than the immediate circumstance. Helping others is the karmic currency of both spiritual and material wealth. “Wealth” in this sense is not meant in dollars (though it can include that too), but rather in terms of life’s design.

Have you ever heard someone say (to the effect), almost in jealous dismay, “How come that person always lands on his feet?” Or, “How come that person always comes out on top?” Or, “How come that person is always so lucky?”

Don’t Worry About The Karma

Statements like this are often said in dismay because it seems like the lucky person doesn’t deserve it. And yet, the universe seems to favor them, despite the apparent fact that the person could be an asshole.

What’s worse is that often the favor it appears that some people have, was never at any point of their own making! Like, when you’re born to wealthy parents.

The DESIGN of life is forged by the vectors that we create. It’s really the only real power that we have, and thus the divine gift of life is to the extent that we have free will to direct our future situation. And perhaps that your kids may benefit from your life vector is not their fault, but while under your care, is of your making.

Those people may have done nothing to land where they did, but everything that preceded that moment was created by the actions of people who did. Just understand that karma has both debit and credit. You get to chose which side of the ledger to build. Let the universe decide when and where to balance the books.

The Sinister Side Of Angel Number 911

There is a sinister side to this angel number, which I purposely saved for last. It deals with both the Higher and the Lower.

It has to do with the numbers themselves. With angel numbers there is a countenance, which is the number, or set of numbers, itself. Yes, they have meaning.

The positioning of the numbers tell a story. Here is the story angel number 911 tells:

The three positions of 911 are distinct. It is, so to speak, a spiritual report card. The report card refers to the person for whom it was intended. Or, it could be referring to an external situation, as in the second example above, (as a distress on behalf of someone else).

In either case, the message is the same. The nine refers to the spiritual position. It is the highest position in the spiritual realm. The “ones” refer to the mental and physical positions, respectively.

(It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is a highly spiritual person, but rather as a ratio of one’s being, that person is fully occupying the spiritual space AS OPPOSED TO the other spaces – mental, and physical.)

This is a deliberately polite and delicate attempt to say that the mental and physical of the person it describes is virtually gone, or about to be. It represents a relationship to death.

The Silver Bright Side Of Death

Of course there is another way of looking at impending death. There is still the possibly of rescue, (it’s not a 900, it’s a 911), and the thankfulness for the timely warning that prevented it. Or, in failure, there is the letting go of something dear.

The fact of attachment is a spiritual journey. The Crest Jewel Of Discrimination is detachment. How we get there is as varied as the number of living things. The pain of this beautiful, but sometimes horrific, world can only be muffled by the stoic detachment of soul from matter.

But while you’re here, you can lessen the pain of others and your own by the love and kindness you pour into the world. This is the vector we gift to the world. We can make the world a better place than we found it, or we can be the pain that makes the world worse.

The test of which we take upon crossing is the Bardo in Buddhism, or the Judgment in Christianity, the Barzakh in the Arabic world, or simply the concept of Heaven or Hell as we leave this material plane.

The Spiritual Vectors have an answer to this, regardless of your belief structure or lack thereof. It is embedded in our philosophy of how we treat people and the world. You may find it here.

The impact you make on the world, however, can only be made while you’re alive. It is only during this time that you can be somebody’s hero, or make the world a better place.

Angel number 911 is the stark communication and reminder of life’s impermanence.


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