Angel Number 933 – What It Means And Why

Angel Number 933 is a form of feedback on your current life status. It’s a spiritual scorecard. Here is how to understand what it means.

The nine is the highest position, and refers to your spiritual awareness by capacity. If you’re often faced with this number, your spiritual capacity is much higher than most. (I’ll prove that shortly). But the three, followed by the other three, indicates that you could be doing much more within the mental and physical planes.

Spiritual scorecards are offered and arranged according to your capacity! The short story, here, is that spiritually you are strong. But you are underperforming at the mental and physical levels. Here is what that really means.

Your Powerful Upside With Angel Number 933

You have this fantastic value that is intrinsic to “old” souls, without necessarily being one. You see, the number doesn’t make reference to whether you are or aren’t, (an old soul). But it does make reference to having the spiritual capacity of one.

This not only means that you could have a great deal of spiritual influence, but it could also mean that you have a great deal of spiritual understanding. The “nine” indicates that you are currently at the top of your spiritual game.

If you pursued a spiritual course of direction, it will likely come very easy to you. This is not, however, to be misconstrued as a “religious” direction. They are not remotely the same thing.

“Spirituality” has to do with the empathy and connection one has to others and other living things. Religion, on the other hand, has to do with symbolic regiment, like taking communion, or praying. “Spiritual” has to do with actual engagement, not the symbol of engagement.

Pretending to eat the body of Christ, for example, can never be as good as actually DOING the deeds of Christ – loving thy neighbor as thyself.

One is real. The other is symbolic.

Simply look at what people DO. Are they helping people, or are they harming people? It’s not complicated.   

Your powerful upside with angel number 933 is that you are already where most of the population, spiritually, have yet to attain. Let’s briefly examine why that is.

Angel Number 933
Angel Number 933 doesn’t really have a symbol. I added a 9 pointed star with a large and a small triangle (for fun). Got it?

The Top Of Your Spiritual Game

I don’t know your age, but if you’re anywhere near your late teens or between your early twenties, ANYONE in their 30’s or beyond, will attest to you that you are currently at your physical prime!

YOU may not know it because you haven’t existed at a higher age, so there is nothing to compare it to. But ALL others have, and will agree. Early twenties is physically prime. Ask anyone in their 50’s, or 60’s!

But what about a spiritual prime? That has to do with factors well beyond the physical body, and “may,” (if you believe in such things as reincarnation), extend well past the temporal life of an organism.

You may be an old soul in a young body, or a young soul in an old body. The “nine” says you’ve been around the block, and have the capacity to exist on a high spiritual level easily.

Whether you utilize that position is wholly another story.

Your Spiritual Disposition Is As Rare As The Leading 9

It’s known as Benford’s Law.

“The law states that in many naturally occurring collections of numbers, the leading significant digit is likely to be small. For example, in sets that obey the law, the number 1 appears as the most significant digit about 30% of the time, while 9 appears as the most significant digit less than 5% of the time.”

Here’s the video explanation of Benford’s Law, and demonstration: [].

This means that of naturally occurring collections of numbers, (like the numbers on a stock market page, schools in a town, indices, house addresses, the number of rivers in a country, etc.), the number 9 should appear the least number of times as the first digit, while the number 1, the most (over a sufficiently large sample).

This particular distribution concerns the angel number 933. And now for the obvious. It starts with the number that should appear the least. That’s because the higher up the spiritual levels, the fewer there are.

Your spiritual capacity, pat yourself on the back, starts with the highest already, and thus appears the least.

But now, for the rest of the story…

About Those Threes

It would stand to reason that triple nines would be the pentacle of spiritual, mental, and physical states of development. But that’s not the situation is it?

The angel number is showing you your mental and physical development as “threes,” and that could suggest opening those levels to greater use.   

This is not meant to be alarming, as if you’re failing in these areas. But rather, it’s like a glass that can be filled up and you’re only filling about a third of it.

Suppose, for example, that you’re trying to fill a fish tank by using a water glass. But each fill means going back to the kitchen to get more water.

(The problem of the mind), you decide to move the tank “to” the source of water. But you soon realize that you are not capable of moving the filled tank back to where it needs to be, (the problem of the physical).

Using your mind and body in unison, or in tandem, you figure a solution that includes more than one glass at a time, filled to capacity, but within working range of your physical capability.

That’s putting your whole system to work, more efficiently and effectively. That’s what your angel number 933 is showing you.

You’ve got the spiritual part covered enough to take any path you want on it. It’s utilizing your mental and physical, that can stand to catch up.

In that fashion practically any endeavor you wish to pursue, is yours for the effort. Just engage more your mind, and your body, working together to achieve the goal, or direction, of your spirit.

Do that, and whatever you really want to pursue, you more than likely “got it covered.”

Conclusion: It’s A Great Place To Start

Having a really good handle on the spiritual aspects of life is a great asset that many do not share. Spiritual, in this sense, is not meant as “religious.” It is meant as having a connection with life and other living things better than most.

What you do with it, or how you use it, is a completely different story.  You may opt to never use it at all. A great artist might not like art, that much. But they still own the capacity.

The angel number 933 is a great place to start, because it suggests you own a great deal of spiritual capacity, already. The leading nine is rare.

But the two threes that follow may indicate that more can be utilized in the mental and physical levels of your life.

Note: it doesn’t mean ‘do more work.’ Rather, it means ‘do better work’ by being more efficient and effective by putting your mind towards solving your life, or life direction. Allow your spirit to be your lead. It’s already a great asset.

Then, let your mind and body take you there in the most efficient way. Do that, and you’ve got it covered. Given this number, you probably do anyway. You’re just waiting for yourself to get serious about doing it.


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