Spiritual Enlightenment – The New Geometry Of Mind And Matter

The Practical Art, Science, And Physics Of Spiritual Enlightenment

With Spiritual Vectors, you can experience the ancient, and modern, methods for attaining spiritual enlightenment.

We explain the modern, and greatly improve upon the ancient. And then we give you the tools to dive in.

Today, the quest seems to be more a task of merging the science (the math and the geometry) with the spiritual.

And for this, I introduce to you the E8 project, that seeks to formalize “The Theory Of Everything.” The Theory of Everything is the very real search for the mathematical formula that unifies all of the properties about the universe. Go here to see the construction of the E8 geometry and what it looks like, along with the math that produces it.

The video below, shows what the structure looks like from various angles:

And here’s more information on the origins of the structure, if you’re so inclined: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4_21_polytope

An E8 polytope
An E8 Polytope

The reality is that the natural universe can be expressed in math. And geometry is constructed in math. So, it is no great wonder that the universe can thus also be expressed with geometry.

Geometry is the ‘picture’ of the math. It is what the math looks like. Both geometry AND math help us to understand HOW the universe works, and how it is constructed.

But What About Spiritual Enlightenment?

Great question! The bridge between the Outer, (the external world), and the Inner, (the internal world), appear to meet each other at the quantum level.

That’s what all the mystery and wonder concerning anything “Quantum” is all about, as it relates to consciousness. The natural world appears to be built upon the quantum.

Yet, unlike in our natural world (i.e. the natural laws of physics), the rules for what happens on a “quantum” level, depend greatly on the observer.

This implies, to some extent, that the outcomes of reality are based on the observer.

If this is the case, it’s a whole new ballgame. It would mean that we, to some extent, are the creator of our own reality. Thus the spiritual connection. And thus the spiritual enlightenment.

Every spiritual guide, at some point, has tried to express this.

The Quantum, Consciousness, And The Spiritual Vectors

This bridge began its construction in 1801 with what is now a famous experiment called The Double Slit Experiment.

Many great minds of science believe that our consciousness affects mechanics at the lowest quantum levels.

Below, Donald Hoffman, University of California, Irvine, suggests that quantum mechanics can be derived theoretically from a mathematically precise model of consciousness.

See, Closer to Truth With Donald Hoffman: Quantum Physics of Consciousness, Youtube.

And so, throughout history every tool available has been used to model and explain the world and its construction. Spiritual Vectors is where they meet.

Not only will you get the modern, but the modern advancements upon the ancient.

These Include:

  • the Sacred Geometry,
  • Angel Numbers,
  • the Video Mandala,
  • Guided Meditation,
  • and a few of my favorites (by subscription)

But we are just beginning to spread our wings, and building daily. So, stay tuned… literally.

Before you get started, please read our Read Me First page, so can know where we’re coming from and why.

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