The Video Mandala Excels  For Guided Meditation

The ancients learned to clear, and focus, the mind using the mandala. Today, we supercharge the technique using the video mandala with guided meditation.

Kaleidoscopic video brings the ancient mandala to modern life. Historically, the symmetry and balance of the design was to symbolize the external universe.

But, the internal design is to help you focus on the object, (or objective), of meditation. Meditation is a centuries old technique of focusing the mind. And by focusing the mind,  it helps you to attain enlightenment. (Source: )

In modern times, guided meditation is the among the most useful methods for achieving mental focus and enlightenment.

The mandala tends to clear away whatever is not the subject of meditation, thereby aiding the process of mental clarity.

Mandalas focus the attention and enhance the meditative state.

“A mandala is a symbol of the universe in its ideal form, and its creation signifies the transformation of a universe of suffering into one of joy. It can also be used as an aid to meditation, helping the meditator to envision how to achieve the perfect self.” (Source: Exploring The Mandala, )

The mandala is therefore a tool. Many cultures and religions have used the mandala since around the 1st century, B.C.E. It continues to stand strong for this purpose.

“Overall it represents a balance of body and mind infused with clarity.” (Source: )

The Evolution Of The Mandala

Representing both the outer and the inner, it is a certainty that the ancients would have used movement in the mandala design, except for their technical inability to do so.

But the difference between drawing pictures of such symmetry, organization, and beauty, versus video… brings us to today!

It is with honor, and great care, that Spiritual Vectors bring to you the evolution of the mandala as video.

The video mandala is exceptional for the inner focus it elicits, and for clearing the mind.

By adding movement, the power of the mandala is significantly enhanced. It corrals the mind into patterns. In a way, it works to organize the mind.

This tends to happen when you watch for awhile, and relax your focus onto the whole, from the center. Suddenly, everything (mentally) stops, and you experience it as a single unit instead of as parts. The clarity is unmistakably exhilarating.

That’s the power of the mandala, but with consuming effort. That’s the power of the video mandala also, but without much effort. Thus the evolution.

The secret is in how you focus – as it tends to turn off the internal dialog and allows you to “stop the world.” (Ref: )

The Video Mandala For Guided Meditation

Image: golden video mandalaThe moving video mandala can be used silently, or with sound. Spiritual Vectors will often use the moving mandala with voice as Guided Meditation.

In such cases, Spiritual Vectors will always post the text of the words, for full transparency. This is a very powerful technique.

It can allow you to shift into the subconscious while openly watching and listening. So, having prior knowledge of what words and ideas are being used, is important.

You can use this technique for a multitude of personal enhancements. And you can use it for auto-hypnosis or hyper suggestion.

For inner development, we try to tailor all of our guided meditations to be ecologically sound. We do this by trying to maintain “clean language.” But, if you have any reservations about the wording or meaning of words used, consult your appropriate professional; or use another script.

This is also why we produce silent video mandalas. That way, you can use your own scripts. Or, just simply watch as a means of clearing your mind. It’s a great way to start.

Just Watch

The power and beauty of the video mandala is in its ability to capture your gaze. (Remember the old hypnotists’ spiraling disc?)

You begin to see it as a whole, instead of as parts. When it happens, it’s unmistakable. You can literally feel the clarity, though derived from the visual.

You notice when your internal dialog stops, and every facet of the tapestry before you singularizes. It happens almost effortlessly. It might even slightly scare you. Some might refer to it as, “a shift of the assemblage point.” (But that’s another matter.)

By watching several of these, you’ll begin to notice what it “feels” like to stop the internal dialog. It is the first step to keen concentration. We describe this as being in a “zone.” Or, zen.

This is where you can corral the power of your mind. Think of it as a form of training.

It’s really what the ancients used the mandala for, anyway.

The Tapestry (See Video above)

A close “kin” to the moving mandala is the kaleidoscopic tapestry in the form of a checker or scotch pattern.

They are rectangular, as opposed to the circular mandala pattern.

These can often be even more fascinating. They appear to weave in and out of, seemingly, diametrically opposed designs.

And where mandalas typically have boundaries, the tapestry do not.

Being without boundary, the tapestry can employ a much wider range of intricate designs. It can make all forms of guided meditation easier.

This is because we can often tailor the design to the objective of meditation! (More on that later.)

As a tool for spiritual development, technology has brought the mandala into the 21st century, super charged. Again, to use it, just watch! (See video above.)

How To Use This Powerful Tool

We already mentioned how we use the video mandala and the tapestry, above. But there is a finer application where these methods can truly transform your life. It is no mistake, and not by chance, that these artifacts from ancient times survive, century after century.

For self improvement, they are highly valuable. For spiritual development, they can be phenomenal.

Teaching your mind to focus, is a practical skill. Doing it quickly and naturally is what you can gain from using this method. But it always boils down to the intent, and dedication of the practitioner.

Any tool that can help fine tune or empower the mind is valuable. Using it for a worthy purpose, however, is always the challenge of the user. Power tends to corrupt.

It is for this reason that we offer certain guided meditations from a Spiritual Vectors subscription, only. We assume a responsibility that we take seriously. It’s explained on the Read Me First page.

The guided meditations found here “openly” are sufficient to keep things on a positive level. By all means, keep your head to the spiritual sky, and your caring heart down to earth. Making the world a better place for all is always a worthy endeavor.

We thank you for making it so.

Sincerely, from
The High Country



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