You can read all you want about the meaning of an angel number, but there is only ONE way to know for sure.

I’m going to show you the most rewarding way possible to follow an angel number. And, how to discover the true meaning that it has, that is specifically for you alone.

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It might come as a surprise to you that an angel number is not a horoscope.

When you visit many sites on Angel Numbers, they presume to tell you about your personality, direction in life, or other sorts of crap as if they know you personally. All that, based on a number you happen to be seeing.

Newsflash – you and I could be seeing the same Angel Number, and yet be nothing alike.

And no, an Angel Number does not mean that an angel is trying to speak to you. (Sorry if you were misinformed.)

If an angel were trying to communicate with you, it would simply do so directly, in English (or whatever your native tongue).

To learn what an Angel Number really is, read the article, What Is My Angel Number, by Spiritual Vectors, here.

To Determine The Meaning Of An Angel Number

Knowing what an angel number really is, and where it comes from, you can follow it back to its source.

Or, similarly, you can follow where it wants to take you, or see what it wants to show you.

You have to be in the right state of mind to follow an Angel Number because it’s an Inner function. And most people can’t do that well; like perfect concentration or meditation.

But there is an even better method that is much more pure and to the point.

The Perfect State Of Mind

Take a journey with me, for a moment. You’re about to figure out that you have wings.

Most nights, when you’re deeply asleep, you dream. You may not remember them when you wake, but you almost always have them.

A few weeks ago, I was on Google Trends. I often go there to see which angel numbers are trending. I do that to determine which numbers to write about.

The number 257 was trending, so I made note of it.

Two days later, I dreamt I was at work, (yes, I put food on the table). But like most dreams, I wasn’t aware that I was dreaming.

I was off-loading pallets from a large truck, and I noticed the number stenciled on the truck was 1257.

It was my cue — to become lucid. Plus, I was already on a power spot!

Knowledge From An Angel Number

When I saw the number 1257, I immediately became perfectly aware that I was deep into a dream. Completely aware of myself, as well as my environment, I did what naturally comes next.

I did a simple test, like I always do, to confirm that I’m in a dream. I floated to the ceiling. Confirmed!

Most people, when learning that they are in a dream, have the knee-jerk reaction to wake up. But I have long since learned how to stay in the dream, without waking up.


And it is at that point, you own the full knowledge that the entire universe of which you are experiencing … belongs to you!

When you can do that, you are now in the perfect state of mind, to follow an angel number. (Or, any other pursuit of knowledge.) And it is far more rewarding than meditation.

It is in this state that you can go wherever the number takes you, or experience whatever the number wants to show you.

Now do you understand the how, and why, it is personal to YOU?

You will NEVER get that type of experience, or information, from reading about an angel number.

Are you ready to test your wings?

Ready For An Adventure?

I have made available to my readers first, (because I’m cool like that), all you will ever need, to learn and master, lucid dreaming.

It’s called, Tips For Lucid Dreaming & The Development Of Power Objects.

To tailor the technique to your specific angel number, first download, in .pdf format, How To Lucid Dream An Angel Number, (which is the actual technique), [no charge] using this link below:

Yours, from
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