Without going into detail about what angel numbers really are, here is how to find virtually all of your angel numbers in one sitting.

As you do this, please keep in mind that you can have several angel numbers specific to you. The reason is that, seeing any number that has a relationship with you, good OR bad, can qualify as an angel number.

In fact, ANY number, or numeric sequence, with which you have a synesthesia, (for you), IS an angel number!

Here Is How To Find Your Angel Number(s) Quickly

Start with a computer screen larger than your phone. A tablet is fine; a computer screen is better. You’ll understand why in a moment.

Here’s what to do. Go to:

Random Sequence Generator

Set the parameters to: min = 100 and max = 999. Set the format to: 20 columns. (This is why you should use a larger screen than your phone if at all possible. But if necessary, you can set the format to less than 20; the table will simply get longer.)

This generates a 20 columns table, and randomizes every 3-digit number between 100 and 999. For four digit numbers, use 1000 and 9999.

3-Digit Angel Number Generator

Then, scan the table and notice (or write down), each number that stands out on its own.

Do not look for a specific number. But rather, notice which number(s) seem to jump out at you. These are the numbers that follow YOU.

And, when a number stands out more than any other number that stands out, … you’ve just found a dominant number.

Now, don’t get ahead of me. It doesn’t mean that it’s your BEST number. It means that it is the number that you most notice out of all the others.

Your Strongest Numbers

This could be a positive number for you, or it could be a negative number for you — such as a WARNING number, or a number you FEAR. Or, it could be a beautiful number! That’s right. Or, it could simply be a number that you like.

The number may also stand out without you knowing why. It could simply be a vector that your Inner self is offering to your Outer self, at this particular time, to follow.

If it’s an INVITING number, which means you “like” the number, then by all means, follow the number as a vector.

You can learn how to do that from Spiritual Vectors, but that technique is outside the scope of this particular tutorial.

However, for a brief description of how to perform the technique, see the video, Angel Number 3434 – What It Means And How To Use It. Then start the video at 11:50 minutes (instead of watching the whole thing, since its subject is on a particular angel number.)

There is only ONE caution. If it is a number that you FEAR or have a bad feeling towards, DO NOT follow that number on the Inner, as a vector.

Those numbers are usually reserved as WARNING flags to NOT follow that path! Got it?

Yours truly, from

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