Angel Number 1133 Is Personal 

Angel Number 1133 depicted as a license plate
Why are you seeing this number, and not some other?

Angel Number 1133 is what Spiritual Vectors calls an “Inner” number. Angel numbers can take the form of Outer, Inner, Higher, or Lower. The properties of the number is what classifies its category, as well as how you go about interpreting its meaning.  

Thus, in this case, to determine what the meaning of angel number 1133 is for you personally, you have to follow the number back to its original source. This article will show you why it is an Inner number, and how to follow it back to its source, to determine its root meaning. 

By following angel number 1133 back to its source, you gain a first-hand knowledge and understanding of what it really means to you, personally.  This is as opposed to a third-party horoscopic “reading” meant for mass consumption. 

If you’re looking for a meaning to angel number 1133 based on its digits, (i.e., 1, 1, 3, 3), that method is for Outer numbers.

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Why Angel Number 1133 Is An Inner Number

If you are unfamiliar with what angel numbers really are, start with the article, What Are Angel Numbers And How To Utilize Their Magic. It will also explain what makes for an Inner number as opposed to an Outer number. 

But, in a nutshell, Inner numbers lack a connection to an outer geometric form. Outer numbers, for example can be: triangular numbers, square numbers, pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, any polygonal, and so forth.

Outer numbers are typically referred to as “figurate” numbers, for that reason. Examples of figurate numbers can be found here: 

Angel Number 1133, on the other hand, is not only “not” a figurate (or polygonal) number, but is also not:

  • A factorial number
  • A Fibonacci number
  • A palindrome
  • A prime number
  • A perfect number
  • A Bell number
  • Etc. 

In other words, angel number 1133 is about as “Inner,” or subjective, as you can get, without doing extensive research into its rather obscure properties. For this reason, the only way to go after what the meaning angel number 1133 is for you, is to ask your subconscious why it is showing you this number. 

The method for doing that is what we call “going inside.” And the easiest way to do that, without struggle, is to lucid dream the number.

How To Find And Determine The Meaning Of Angel Number 1133

The easiest method to find out the meaning of this angel number, (or any Inner angel number), is to follow it back to the source. And the easiest method for following it back to the source is to lucid dream it. 

The method I am about to describe here is so much easier and succinct, vs any form of meditation, because the number itself is already a vector into your subconscious. You see, your subconscious is recognizing this number so much so, that it surfaces into your conscious mind.

This means that you don’t have to concentrate or jump through mental hoops that take (sometimes) years of practice. Just follow these steps.

Note: this is best performed in the early morning, after you wake up from the night’s sleep. Assuming you don’t have to get up, just give yourself the command to “find 1133.” 

Then, just go back to sleep! No muss, no fuss. 

How This Works

Now, generally, if you’ve never practiced or performed any form of lucid dreaming, this may come as a shock, when you suddenly find yourself confronted with your request. Often it takes several tries, but never force it; you have to “let it.” 

People usually become startled, their first time, realizing they have just become totally conscious while in a dream. The possibilities, though off-topic to this article, are phenomenal. 

But your subconscious will produce 1133 for you on the Inner. Once you’ve found it, provided you don’t freak out and wake up, you’ll need to use the number as an anchor or as a vector. 

As an anchor: notice the number, (no matter how it produces itself to you), while glancing quickly at your surroundings.

Like this: number, glance at something in your surrounding; back to the number, (the anchor), and again glance at something in your surroundings. Do this until your surroundings become solidified, thus allowing you to control your “second attention.” 

As a vector: follow the number. 

For example, if the number presents itself as a street number, or a house number, or a page number, or…., you get the idea. Take that rout in the dream while maintaining intent to keep it in your awareness. In this way, you see where it takes you, and sooner or later you’ll get an answer or an artifact to bring back.

Here’s a secret. You can get back into any dream where you left off. Just get back into the same physical sleeping position you were in, when you came out. 

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