An Invitation To Spiritual Vectors

Do You Consider Yourself Adventurous? 

You’re about to discover the source of every Narnia, Harry Potter, or Journey to Ixtlan. Every magic carpet, every crystal ball, every mantra that has ever transported a consciousness from world A to world B, began with a spirit of adventure to follow a magical vector. 


Here you will dust off those cobwebs on your awareness, discover portals to different worlds, learn from deeply hidden sources, and turn on awareness features you never knew you had.

You’re about to enter a hyper-real, super vivid sensory experience that trashes every first-person video game into a pathetic relic. You’re about to become lucid. 


In the month of June, 2019, Spiritual Vectors will offer invitations to membership. You will be able to add your name to a list, from which we offer the membership based on a few simple questions.

When you add your name and email, (both are always kept private), you will be sent a very short, (but necessary), questionnaire. 

It is not a test, and there are no wrong or right answers. We simply need to know that you are of an appropriate age, emotionally sound, and can exercise reasonable judgement. 

Of course, we can never know for sure. But it is our endeavor to maintain a healthy environment from the inside, out. We make every attempt to emphasize a strong spiritual ecology from the outset. That’s not just our intended function, among others, but for YOUR benefit as a spiritual pioneer. 

The High Country

Beautiful people make people beautiful.


I’ve decided to revamp everything, including this site and including the membership. And I know I’m going to have to break it, in order to do that. All of it.

So, I’m postponing everything.

I am so sorry for the convenience; but I want this site and what it offers to be of maximum quality in both content AND function.

Many years ago, when Rubic’s Cube just came out, I learned not just to solve it, but to put various designs on its surface. In learning to solve Rubic’s Cube, I learned that you have to be WILLING to destroy all the progress you’ve painstakingly made, in order to get just one piece in its proper position.

I’m still in the learning phase here, too. (This site is barely 1 year old.) And there are still a few pieces not in position.

And so I ask for your patience, as I test out new wings.

Thank you.

The High Country