Angel number 2323 is significant because it has both an Inner and an Outer meaning, which is somewhat rare.

Outwardly, it communicates a sublime symmetry as seen in the Flower of Life. I’ll show you what that looks like in a minute.

Inwardly, it communicates a life vector that can be followed directly so you can understand its specific meaning for you personally. I’ll show you how to do that also. But the technique takes a bit of practice.

The significance of angel number 2323 is that it diagrams that beauty of your life’s trajectory for you. I’ll show you what each vector of that trajectory looks like in a moment, and how this number relates to the sacred geometries.

The Significance Of Angel Number 2323

Angel number 2323 has both Outer and Inner meanings, making it a significant number. It is not a figurate number, (which basically defines Outer numbers), but nevertheless has several outer characteristics. This means that it may appear to be an Outer number, but it is still in fact, an Inner number.

Thus, to discover the interpretation of angel number 2323 for you personally, requires you to get it from the inside, (which is the entire point of any Inner number). I’ll show you how to do that after I explain the Outer importance of the number to you.

Simply put; understanding the Outer significance, often facilitates finding the number on the Inner by knowing where to find it when you go looking.

The Outer Significance Of Angel Number 2323

Remember that figurative language about “the symmetry as seen on the Flower Of Life,” above? I meant that literally! There are only a certain set of numbers that match the quantity of petals on the Flower Of Life, per iteration, as it unfolds.

Flower of Life Petals
Shows difference between Petals on the Flower of Life, and iterations to get them.

You guessed it. Angel Number 2323 is one of those numbers. When the Flower Of Life pattern is constructed from the center, (see the diagram above), the quantity of petals follow a numeric progression. Each progression is considered to be an iteration.

Above, is the centered version of petal construction, [source], (, as opposed to the typical concentric version as shown below.

Flower of Life
Concentric Construction

2323 is the 28th iteration if you start from zero, as the diagram above shows. This series can be found at the On-Line Encyclopedia Of Integer Sequences, here: and you can find the supporting diagram, from which my modified version was made, (to clarify iteration vs. Petal numbers), here: .

The Flower Of Life is an ancient and major component of the historical Sacred Geometries. That topic is slightly off topic, but not the numeric relationship to the Triangular Spiral. Spiral geometries are somewhat new to The Sacred Geometry, since they aren’t seen in ancient art, so I am pointing them out to you here, as shown next.

2323 And The Triangular Spiral Vector

The ancients arranged balls into geometric shapes in order to categorize number types. Those that can be formed into geometric shapes are what I refer to as Outer numbers. Another name for them is “figurate” numbers.

Triangular Numbers
Triangular Numbers

For example, triangular numbers are derived from arranging balls into triangles, as follows: (see Triangular Numbers)

The same technique is used to define square numbers, pentagonal numbers, hexagonal numbers, and so forth. But we can also arrange the numbers themselves into various shapes. And then, from there, all sorts of goodies can be seen.

For example: revisit the square-table you learned in grade school called the Times Table. Go here, , to discover the interesting patterns by switching on, and off, the various options.

Now compare that with the triangular shape of Pascal’s Triangle, here: . Just for kicks, set the Rows to at least 20, and then toggle the various “Multiples” highlight. It’s fascinating what patterns show up.

But arranging numbers into spirals, since they don’t end, illuminate the secrets to SEQUENCES! And, 2323 can be found along the 0, 2, 13, vector, (or spoke), as the 23rd term of the (A062708) sequence, at the OEIS here: .

Triangular Spiral
Triangular Spiral – Angel Number 2323 Vector

The list for that vector can be found here: .

This also is an outer attribute, which holds a secret that you may discover for yourself, if you’re into following outer vectors. Here, I showed it because, as an Inner number, you can use the diagram to facilitate finding the number on the Inner. Let’s do that now.

What Angel Number 2323 Means To You Personally

Why Its Meaning For You Is Specific To You

Angel Number 2323 is an Inner number. This is because, in a nutshell, it is not a figurate number, so its primary attributes of interpretation are subjective. Thus, you have to go “inside” to find it.

This is an important distinction because it means that its meaning for YOU may not have the same meaning for someone else! Objective, or Outer numbers, have the same meaning for everyone. Subjective numbers, on the other hand, are entirely dependent on your personal synesthesia towards the number.

For example: how you FEEL, or how you RELATE, to a number may be entirely different than how I feel or relate to that SAME number. Therefore it will have a different meaning for me, than it would for you! Make sense?

This is why angel numbers have to be distinguished, as Inner or Outer, (and then as Higher or Lower, if necessary). Its meaning for YOU is specific to YOU.

How To Find Its Meaning For YOU

The short version for finding the meaning of any Inner angel number is to follow its vector on the Inside. What that means is to first: find the number, inwardly, and then “stay on number” to where it leads you.

Most people don’t have the concentration or meditation powers to do this well, so I recommend a technique that anyone can do, with a bit of practice. Also, the technique I’m about to show you is far superior to meditation, if you take the time to learn it. It is a form of Lucid Dreaming, but with a purpose. That purpose, in this case, is literally following the angel number 2323 vector, but on the Inside.

Here is the technique:

When you wake up from sleep, if you have the time to go back, simply command yourself to “find 2323.” (You don’t have to call it an angel number.) Just command yourself to find that number, and then without fanfare, just go back to sleep.

It usually doesn’t happen right away, but also don’t force the process. Going to sleep is something you’ve done since you were born; so don’t sweat it. The only thing that’s new to you is the command.

By doing this, you are tasking your subconscious to go on a hunt. And it will.

The neat thing is that once your subconscious finds it, you will automatically become lucid. That is, you will become conscious, while still in the dream state. And you will be faced with having found 2323.

(Also, don’t freak out. Most people, if they’ve never been lucid in a dream get startled and wake up. If you do, you’ll have to start all over again; usually on a different day.)

What To Do Next

From that point, you only need to follow where the number takes you, if you’re not already there. For instance, if you are dreaming that you’re looking at a house and it has the number 2323, (which is why you recognized it in the dream, which then made you lucid), you might want to go up to the house and ring the doorbell. (Following the vector of the number is to go where it leads you.)

I tend to read a lot, so my inner vectors tend to show up as page numbers in a book. From there, I need only read, (or visually see), what’s on the page. Sometimes it takes me into a completely different world. Pages, for me, are Narnia-like portals. But I’m typically looking for knowledge, instead of adventures.

(Adventures are a dime a dozen. But finding Inner knowledge is where you can find some true gems.)

So, that’s the short version of the technique. There is so much more, but the subject would be off-topic to the article. For now, just let your Inner be your guide, for inner numbers.

Conclusion: Plucking Knowledge

The reason this works is because it is your subconscious that is pointing out the number to your conscious mind. You literally see all sorts of numbers on a daily basis, but it is THIS number that is being recognized as standing out. Why is that?

The only way to know for sure is to follow the vector. That is, follow the number BACK to where it came from to examine its source. What YOU find on your Inner is inherently different than what someone else will find in theirs.

Therefore, as you can now understand, the meaning of angel number 2323 cannot be a horoscope like reading that you typically find on the Internet. Its meaning is specific to YOU.

Now, one reason I showed you the Outer characteristics of the number, was to facilitate your Inner finding of the number, by seeing an Outer reference.

One way to utilize the information, especially if you happen to be a visually driven person, is to take the image with you to sleep instead of the command, (which is auditory in nature).

You subconscious doesn’t really need to hear the words, …it just needs to know what to look for. See? When it finds it, it will show your conscious mind, since it was your conscious mind that asked. And at that point, you become lucid, though still deep in the dream.

From there, just follow the vector.

Yours Truly, From
The High Country



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