Tips For Lucid Dreaming

So You Consider Yourself Adventurous? 

You are about to learn the most necessary and primal step to all spiritual adventure outside of the physical world

Tips For Lucid Dreaming
(& The Development Of Power Objects)

Learning this ONE thing allows you to deep dive into any Angel Number.

Without years of discipline and practice, meditation can only take you to the surface of the Inner worlds. But every soul has had access to the deeper Inner, spiritual realms, almost from the moment of birth. We all knew it, and owned it, as children. 

But as we got older and became more social, we gained not just an attachment to our physical body, but gained an identity with it as well. The body became who we are, as opposed to the consciousness that inhabits it. Our physical body solidified into the psychological attachment we call “ourselves.”  

But if you’re the person who’s been gnawing at the intuitive understanding that spiritual knowledge and freedom is not just a mere metaphor but an actual reality, then by taking this step, you are about to find the door to every Narnia, Harry Potter, or Journey to Ixtlan adventure, there ever was. 

Tips For Lucid Dreaming

Fair warning: it’s typically far more vivid than what you experience in this physical world. And when you can become completely conscious within it, it smashes every first-person video game escapade into a pathetic relic.

YOU, my traveler friend, are about to become lucid. 

I will take you right inside the door, but it’s purely up to you to decide to explore.  

Oh, and about those power objects… You’ll be performing the technique of training your own, by taking on a fascinating task that you might not even think is possible. But as you’ll soon discover, when you can become completely lucid inside of a dream… 

Here is Where All The Masters Learned To Control Their Own Universe.

It all starts here.

This is your initiation — it brings the power and knowledge of your own subconscious mind into your conscious possession.

Without it, you’re still on the outside looking in.

If you’re ready for the adventure,


Sincerely, yours
The High Country  

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