What Is Total Spiritual Enlightenment? 

Total Spiritual Enlightenment is the attainment of complete authentic alignment with the Divine.

As anticlimactic as this definition might seem, it involves direct sympathy with the Divine as a genuine state of being, from the standpoint of the soul. And that’s not so simple. 

Though this definition of total spiritual enlightenment is precise and compact, it contains a deep structured wealth of information to unpack. This media will analyze each of the important conceptual components of the definition, as follows:

What do I mean by:

  1. Spiritual enlightenment, as opposed to just enlightenment?
  2. Total spiritual enlightenment, as opposed to just spiritual enlightenment?
  3. Alignment with the Divine?
  4. Authentic alignment? 
  5. Attainment, as opposed to intellectual understanding? 
  6. The Divine? And finally;
  7. How does anyone attain total spiritual enlightenment? 

Welcome to Spiritual Vectors

1. What Do I Mean by Spiritual Enlightenment? 

You can best understand enlightenment as true understanding.

When your knowledge of a subject is not just understood, but accurately understood, it can be said that you are enlightened on, (or about), that subject.

Enlightenment, thus, refers to accurate insight. 

Spiritual,” on the other hand, has more than one direction of connotation. It can refer to your self-awareness as a being, described in this media as “soul,” (internal).  And it can also refer to any type of emanation from the Divine, (external). 

For example, you can say, “I am a spiritual person.” In this case, the description is self referential. It is internal. And you can also say, just as an example, “the Holy Bible, is a spiritual book.” In this case, the description is external, or objective to the self.  

So, what is the meaning of the term “spiritual enlightenment?” It is that the soul not only has a true, or accurate, understanding of the Divine, but also its relationship to it. “I am a spiritual being,” refers to both the inner, (the “I”), and the outer, (the Divine), as complementary.

2. What Do I Mean by Total Spiritual Enlightenment?

 Total spiritual enlightenment, with emphasis on “total,” refers to an absolute, (or to a lesser extent “complete”), degree of enlightenment, with reference to the Divine. 

I do not believe that such a state is possible, because it would entail a state of insight without temporal limit, from the viewpoint of the soul.

Suppose, for example, that you are confronted with a set of choices. And suppose you are a totally, spiritually enlightened soul.

This circumstance would mean that you have complete awareness of each choice of action, AND that you can accurately assess the totality of the spiritual efficacy of each outcome by taking it.

As you can see, even if you remove the spiritual aspect, having this ability entails a very high functioning insight, into any given situation. And its inherent limit would resemble that of a horizon. 

It is therefore my opinion that a total spiritual enlightenment from the viewpoint of the soul may refer to a “completeness” but not an absoluteness. I’ll explain the differences below:

Complete Spiritual Enlightenment 

Complete spiritual enlightenment has the limitation of extending as far as the efficacy goes, and then terminates. For example: Suppose a chain of events culminating in a desired efficacy begins with act A, such that: A —> B —> C —> Done. 

Point “D” represents the completed outcome, which is known (insight) in advance. For example, you come to a crossroads A and X, and you know in advance that road A takes you home, which is where you want to be. But road X takes you away from home. So you take road A. 

Different locations over the same time frame by vector.
Choice A vs Choice X: Same Time Advance, Different Future Locations

Arriving at home completes the event with the desired outcome. 

This same process but with a spiritual efficacy, whatever that outcome might be, describes the completeness of the enlightenment, given a set of choices.  

Absolute Spiritual Enlightenment 

Absolute spiritual enlightenment, on the other hand, (referring to the example above), sees infinitely deep into the efficacy of either choice. For example, the knowledge that going home at that particular time would result in a very bad outcome 20 years hence, and thus the decision to take path X, instead of A.  

Absolute enlightenment entails being able to see beyond the horizon without limit, AND the ability to make choices based on that ability. Such a state would resemble a state of God consciousness but from the viewpoint of the soul. I do not know, and I am doubtful, if such a state is possible.

What Is The Soul, And How It Relates To Spirituality 

I am referring to soul as the location or viewpoint where awareness collects to form a state of being. The personal position of the soul is identified by the locus associated with the term, “I.”

You, as a soul, are thus spiritually enlightened to the extent that you can accurately asses all known options, towards a divine outcome. 

Total spiritual enlightenment is, thus, one pentacle of consciousness from the position of the material body. There are other positions. For instance, there is the position of soul from outside of the material body. And, there is the position of awareness from outside of the soul; (oversoul). Etc.

3. What Do I Mean by Alignment With the Divine?

Some people refer to “the will of God” without ever really knowing what that means. They believe, or have faith, that what they are reading in a holy book, expresses the will of that God.

And they assume that by following all of the dictates in those books, that they are aligning themselves with the Divine. 

Unfortunately, this method has provided centuries of religious warfare, the suppression of scientific knowledge and advancement, harmful and even murderous traditions, all the while not being one step closer to anything related to the Divine.

The reason this has never worked is because people confuse the Divine as a WHO instead of a WHAT. (My god vs your god vs some other god, remains a perennial failure, even into this 21st century.)

I do not purport to be able to change your idea of what the Divine is, so it is among the last things I will discuss. But I do hope to offer a better idea of what an alignment with the Divine is, versus what the traditional method has been.

Alignment refers to: “arrangement in a straight line,” or as “a position of agreement or alliance.”

If not god A, or god B, or any god at all, then, what would be the target of divinity to which you could align yourself guaranteed error-free? 

The Target of Divinity

To align yourself, you have to have a reference point; a target, towards which you can point yourself. Pointing yourself in that direction IS the alignment. 

Moving in that direction means making choices that are in agreement with outcomes consistent with that target. So let’s get to the point. What is that target, specifically?

To answer that question gets to the heart of spirituality completely. It can be summed-up in just one word. 

Isn’t it interesting that without having said what that word is, you already know!  🙂  

You will kindly notice that I didn’t have to quote any great spiritual guru, savant, master, messiah, prophet, mullah, theologian, clergyman, priest, potentate, or pope. And neither did you.  

The target of Divinity is Love. I’ll be proving it shortly. 

4. What Do I Mean by Authentic Alignment?

Authentic alignment with the Divine means to draw a distinction between the true, from the fraud. It means to distinguish delusional claims of spirituality from the authentic. Examples abound.

A few years back, I went to a Christian church and heard the pastor preach hatred towards others, based on their sexual orientation. I thought it particularly odd, since Jesus commands the exact opposite.

On several occasions, I’ve heard reports of “honor killings” of girls or women who brought shame to the Islamic family because they liked a Christian boy, refused to wear head dress in public, or simply wanted to marry whom they pleased.

And, I can remember when Jews were almost eliminated from the map. Yet, as I write this, Palestine is becoming eliminated from the map. 

I am not making reference to whether any of it is right or wrong. I am, however, making the distinction that none of the above lies in the providence of the Divine. To pretend it belongs there is fraud.

To harm another under the guise of “this is what God wants” is pure fiction. No all powerful being requires the agency of a man to do what He apparently cannot.  

5. What Do I Mean by Attainment, as Opposed to Intellectual Understanding? 

The attainment of total spiritual enlightenment, and all that it entails, is distinct from the intellectual. The intellectual entails the meaning of spiritual enlightenment, vicariously. Attainment, on the other hand, entails the experience of spiritual enlightenment directly. 

For example: You can have down pat, from listening to others’ common experience, what it is like to “trip out” on LSD. But the experience of actually being on LSD is a whole new ball game! 

The intellectual viewpoint is vicarious. Attainment, on the other hand, is experiential.  

And so, to the question: “Can total spiritual enlightenment be attained?” The answer is yes, if by total you mean “complete,” as opposed to absolute.

6. What Do I Mean by, The Divine?

What does it mean when we accept, or assume, that anything is from the Divine? For the most part, people assume it to be from God, or coming from God’s lofty domain. But is this assumption accurate? Is there any way to verify that this is the case?

Suppose, for the sake of this demonstration, that no one can ever prove if there is a god or not. Like right now.  

Now, given this supposition, (which corresponds with our current reality exactly), would there still be a divine?  Some people would say no. I say, yes. 

The reason is because: divinity is not defined by WHO is performing an act, but rather by WHAT the act is.

Divinity is a QUALITY, not a location, or a personality. 

How To Know If It’s From The Divine

A few years back, I asked a devout religious person, (one of my best friends, so I didn’t mind asking), would he murder his neighbors if God asked him to? He staunchly maintained that, “God wouldn’t ask me to do that.” 

I pestered him on whether or not he’d disobey God, and he squirmed quite a bit. But in fact, we were on the same page all along. 

You see, he’s exactly right. He’s right because, intrinsically, it is not an act of divinity.  

(So if you ever hear voices in your head, or from someone else’s head, to hate, or do harm to another… it’s not coming from the Divine! Pure and simple.) 

An Example Of Divinity

In the Christian faith, there exists a historical person known as Jesus the Christ.

And, even though he was being brutally crucified, right up until the finality of his last breath, he uttered the words: “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

 THAT, (in case you’ve been clueless), is Divinity! 

And Finally

7. How Does Anyone Attain Total Spiritual Enlightenment?

Complete spiritual enlightenment is attainable through perfect alignment with the Divine. Perfect alignment with the Divine consists of tuning the soul to unabridged love. 

Tuning the soul to love is the opposite of hate, and holds harmless every act towards another. (See, Example Of Divinity, above.)

Heaven, Divinity, And Why You Are Not Allowed

As a spiritual pioneer, I have been perfectly graced to experience, on a few occasions, what heaven is for me. But I am perfectly confident that what is heaven for me, may not be for you. It is in this sense that an attainment of spiritual enlightenment may also be perfectly individual.

I make this comparison because “heaven” is a Shangri-La, of sorts, and offers a total spiritual fulfillment by being there. But, Divinity is a quality of consciousness. It exists where YOU are, not the other way around. 

And so, for those that believe in a place of heaven, I ask: What sorry description of heaven has hate in it? Consequently, if you have hate in your heart, heaven is not where you can be allowed, because, divinity is not a quality of your consciousness. 

Simple enough? 

Attaining Divinity, The Long Version

Pursuing divinity is as simple as making the choice to follow it. Attaining it, however is not quite so simple. Behind the scenes of divinity, or anything living, is awareness. 

Behind awareness is feeling. 

And though this might be oversimplified, awarenesses is a feeling. All feeling is a reception of vibration, be it pain, pleasure, light, sound, or emotion or thought, internal or external. The entire universe is a feeling. (One of the keys that unlock the Holy Grail of consciousness.) [Join, to learn more on this later.]

Feeling is how we distinguish one thing from another, or experience the universe at all. Love, on the other hand, is the feeling that we extend towards another. 

Can it be truthfully said that: something without a sense of feeling is sentient? Can it be truthfully said that: something without sentience is aware? And can it be truthfully said that: something without awareness is alive? 

Perhaps it is all a matter of degree. But one thing is for certain; that which is fully aware, is fully alive.  

And thus, the attainment of divinity involves the deepest sense of sentience, experienced by the soul. It involves direct sympathy with the Divine as a genuine state of being. It involves being fully alive. 

Attaining Divinity, The Short Version

Step 1.

John 15:12  
“This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.”

That’s all. There is no Step 2. Because… 

Galatians 5:14 (NIV)
For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Simply put, aligning yourself with love is the fulfillment of the Spiritual Law. This is the direct path to divinity. That’s all.

Granted, I could have just said that up front, but it wouldn’t have stuck. 

Sincerely Yours, From
The High Country

PS: Cosmic Consciousness. Now that’s worth pursuing! 

Perhaps one day, before it’s too late, you’d like to join us; and, explore the universe, from the inside out. 

Just a notice if you do: the first months might seem pretty boring, as you do some Inner spring cleaning, because a good, clean, spiritual ecology is always step one. 

But once you jump from the launch pad, I guarantee you the most exciting joy ride you could ever experience. It awaits you.



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