This article gives an in-depth answer to the question: “What Are Angle Numbers And How Do You Utilize Their Magic?”

What Are Angel Numbers Specifically?

Do you tend to notice certain numeric sequences? Do you genuinely favor some numbers over others? Does it ever seem like some numeric sequences tend to focus your attention on them? For many, the answer is yes.

Angel numbers are numeric sequences that you tend to notice in your daily life more often than would appear to be mere coincidence.

You might notice a certain number sequence on a shopping receipt. And then, on your way home, you might notice the same number sequence on a license plate. Then later that day, you might notice the same numeric sequence in a phone number you see on a television screen.

Numeric sequences that you recognize often, especially over a period of time like days or months, are known as Angel Numbers.

Are Angel Numbers From Heaven?

They are called angel numbers because it is thought by some that “angels” are trying to communicate to them through numbers. Why would anyone think this? Why angels? And why through numbers? Is there some reason angels can’t talk? Or, is the description “Angel” number a fancy misnomer?

Or worse still, why do so many interpretations of angel numbers read more like horoscopes, than an in-depth assessment of what the number actually means, or does?

Sometimes, telling people good things just makes their day better. That’s the horoscope-type “reading” of much of today’s angel number interpretations. And if that’s all you need, then it will suffice for your purpose.

But, with science, numbers are the symbology used for understanding the outer universe. To say, “A” is 5ft longer than “B,” has a specific meaning and interpretation. To say, 5 is a prime number, has a specific meaning and interpretation.

The Difference Between Science & Angel Numbers

Science use numbers everywhere, so the use of numbers to communicate meaning is perfectly valid. Just remove the “Angel” from it, and it becomes totally clear, that “numbers” can convey precise meaning within a given context.

Science use numbers for the outer!

Angel Numbers, Mayan, Ancient, and Numerological practices however, for the most part, include the communication of numbers also for the inner!

It is thus also understood that angel numbers are a valid form of communication within a given context, for the inner. The question is: how do you interpret them? And what is that context?

It should also be clearly understood that seeing an angel number is not some sort of a breaking of the laws of the universe for your benefit.

The laws of the universe didn’t change so that you could see that number. But rather your mind sifted through your universe of numbers and, once again, filtered that particular number sequence out.

So it is not an outer magic, but an inner practice we tend to do with anything. It is a form of pareidolia, or otherwise known as pattern recognition. This particular recognition just so happens to be with numbers. 

Are Angel Numbers A Valid Form Of Communication? 

Are Angel Numbers A Valid Form Of Communication?

In order for angel numbers to be a valid form of communication in the first place, there has to be a communicator, (even if it’s the universe at large), and a language that the recipient actually understands.

Mandarin is a language, but if you don’t speak or understand it, it’s doubtful that speaking to you in Mandarin is going to communicate much. So, how do you understand an angel number?

It is thought that angel numbers are predominately for the Inner, as opposed to the Outer, (such as in science). But angel numbers can certainly make themselves known from the outer experiences of the person who sees them.

For example, a person who sees a number sequence on a receipt, (which is an outer, or physical world, experience), is now faced with “What does it mean?” as an inner communication.

So, angel numbers clearly transcend the dividing line between outer and inner. But understanding their meaning is predominantly for the inner, (otherwise it would be science or math).

Angel numbers are thus valid only in so far as the meaning of the communication is understood. But how do you, or anyone, understand the meaning of a sequence of numbers?

How Does Anyone Understand the Meaning Of An Angel Number?

As with outer numbers, such as in science, the meaning of any number is relative to the context. For example, the number sequence 222 is typically interpreted, (without context), as a quantity; two hundred and twenty-two.

In context, it could also represent two hundred and twenty two dollars, or two hundred and twenty two percent. In each case the relevant context is stated or shown as part of the number. Like, $220, or 220%, etc.

But what establishes or distinguishes the context of an angel number? And without that context, how do you determine the meaning?

The key to understanding any number is to understand that a number, regardless of context, is a SYMBOL for something else. The number 2 (two), for example, is a symbol for a quantity; not for a thing itself.

There is no such thing as a 2 (as a thing) without the context, except as a quantity of something else. Two “apples” or, 2a is each a valid statement of quantity OF something.

Angel numbers also require context. And, those contexts are based on the meanings attributed to the numbers themselves.

What Is The Control Context Of An Angel Number?

Without Controlled Context

The context of an angel number is, unfortunately, dependent on the system used. For example, almost every Western system uses the Arabic base-10 number system. Our Western numeral system thus uses the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Ancient systems however, such as the Mayan, used base 20 or base 5; while the ancient Sumerians, (3rd millennium BC), used a base 60 system.

Nevertheless, esoteric meanings and values have been traditionally attached to numerical digits. By doing this, digit “strings” can be constructed or interpreted as an angel number.

The linchpin of such a system is the inability to accurately test the validity of any such meaning given any specific number sequence. This, of course, results from a lack of control context.

The system used by Spiritual Vectors utilizes the external countenance of the number itself as a control context against the inner meaning of its personal value. That’s a mouthful, so let me explain:

Numbers that have a direct, specific, set of external properties are described as the external countenance. For example, is the number a prime, triangular, tetrahedral, palindrome, a Fibonacci, a golden ratio, and so forth.

Numbers such as these have specific attributes that define their “character” as they relate to other numbers. And thus the “character” of the number plays a significant role in the interpretation of the meaning of the number, externally.

And so the old adage, “As above, so below” carries its weight as a control context for external angel numbers. The properties of external numbers, (for example, a prime number), are not defined on an arbitrary basis.

The character, or countenance, of the number is defined by the properties of the number itself. The meaning of a prime number, for example, is not ambiguous. Based on its properties, it’s either a prime, or it’s not.

What About The Inner Meaning Of An Angel Number?

What Is The Inner Meaning Of An Angel Number?

The inner meaning of an angel number is far from specific. This is where esoteric meanings are traditionally attached.

It is not the position of Spiritual Vectors that esoteric meanings are necessarily valid. I say this because the same number can have a different meaning for different people. Further, there is no check that any esoteric meaning attached to an angel number is necessarily true. (Start with a false premise, end with a false conclusion.)

The whole point of an Inner meaning is as it relates to the person who sees, or utilizes it. What this means is, as an analogy: if one person loves snakes, and another person is deathly afraid of them, seeing a symbol of a snake will have a different impact and meaning to either person.

Numbers affect us in such different ways that there is a psychology in numbers, as well. (See: The Psychology in Numbers )

Likewise, many of us have a certain synesthesia when it comes to numbers. We have feelings about certain numbers; some we are prone to like while others we dislike. Numbers give us different feelings. They also have different colors, sounds, and so forth.

So, in addition to the external meaning of the number, the internal (inner) meaning of the number will always be relative to the person who interprets it.

This is also why many interpretations of an angel number by Spiritual Vectors will start with the external countenance if it has one! The external meaning of the number is not subject to arbitrary interpretation.

The inner interpretation, on the other hand, is entirely relative to the person who uses it. And yes, some angel numbers are almost entirely inner. And in that sense, the same number can represent different things to different people.

Given that fact, how does a person utilize an angel number to their benefit?

How To Utilize The “Magic” Of An Angel Number?

First: Are Angel Numbers Really From Angels?

Are Angel Numbers Really From Angels?

Seeing an angel number doesn’t necessarily imply that an angel is trying to communicate with you. I say this for two reasons.

First, it must be assumed that angels can’t talk to you except by showing you a number. And I don’t know why that should be true. Do you?

Second: it must be assumed that for you to recognize any numeric pattern, an angel must be involved. I don’t know why that should be true, either. Do you?

Neither assumption is necessarily true. It is therefore quite possible that you can see and recognize a number sequence completely on your own, or at least without the agency of an angel.

As an explanation of why it’s called an angel number: some people have stated that the angelic vibrations are too high for ordinary humans to hear. They then conclude that angels must therefore speak to us by showing us certain numbers. (SMH)

Second: Does It Matter Whether The Sequence You See Is From An Angel Or Not?

The position of Spiritual Vectors is that: whether the sequence you see is from an angel or not, it doesn’t change the meaning or interpretation you come away with.

We hold this position because it is the interpretation of the number that supplies the communication, not the source. For example, if the number, (say it’s the number 222), is seen on a grocery receipt or a status report at work, will it in any way change the interpretation of 222?

No! In fact, you’re likely seeing the number both places, anyway. It doesn’t change the interpretation of 222, regardless of where it comes from. In fact, WHERE it comes from is entirely speculative. The fact that you keep noticing that particular number, however, is not.

Therefore, what matters most is not where the number comes from, but that you have an affinity (positive or negative) with a specific number. How you use that specific number to improve your life is the only relevant purpose for seeing it in the first place.

Like a power-up gem in a video game, you can “pluck it.”

The Uses Of Angel Numbers

The Easiest, And First, Use Of An Angel Number

Easiest And First Use Of An Angel Number

With almost every angel number, the first thing Spiritual Vectors have you do is to assess the number itself with your feelings! In other words, “How do you feel about the number itself?”

Does it give you a good vibe, or a bad one?

An angel number can give you a bad vibe, in spite of being for a good purpose. Here’s an obvious example: Suppose you’re headed towards a dark alley and you see on a storefront just before the alley, a foreboding sequence. (A number set you feel bad about.)

That foreboding number sequence just piqued your attention to something you weren’t paying attention to, the danger lurking ahead. It forced you to give pause. It gave you a heads-up because your mind was preoccupied with something else.

That angel number, because you recognize its meaning TO YOU, gave you that gut feeling you weren’t paying attention to, as an alarm! The message is clear and timely!

It gave you an immediate gut feeling, “Hey Girlfriend! (Especially if you’re a dude, right?) Wake the hell up! You’re about to do something stupid!”

It’s purpose is obvious: to protect you.

Now, did it come from an angel? Or did it percolate up through your subconscious to warn your conscious mind of an impending danger?

Either way, it did its job not because of where it came from, but how YOU interpreted it, in a way that benefited you.

The first and easiest use of an angel number is by following, or not following, the vector.

An Intermediate Use Of An Angel Number

There are many ways to use angel numbers, which depends on the agility of the person. An intermediate use of an angel number, for example, would be to use the symbolic nature of the number. Or, rather, the geometry of the number, as a symbol.

The geometry of an angel number comes directly from the countenance, or the external attributes, of the number. For example, triangular numbers, square numbers, pentagonal numbers, etc., are based on the “shape” of dots that can represent that number when combined “as” that shape.

For example: a triangular number is a number that can make a triangular dot pattern, as follows:

Triangular Numbers
Triangular Angel Numbers







Another pattern that forms a specific geometry is the Fibonacci sequence, whose numerical pattern is as follows: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, 6765, 10946, 17711, 28657, 46368, 75025, 121393, 196418, 317811, …

Fibonacci Spiral






We see the Fibonacci pattern in everyday constructions of Nature:

Fibonacci Sequence
Fibonacci Pattern In Nature







And, of course, the bases for all sacred geometry come from the shape of numeric patterns.

Metatron’s Cube, for example, contains many of the patterns related to almost all sacred geometry, including the platonic solids.

The Platonic Solids as related to Metatron’s Cube:

Angel Numbers to Solids in Metatron’s Cube








The Geometry of the Sacred Mandala

Sacred Geometry Mandala
Painted 19th century Tibetan mandala









The Sacred Tapestry (Magic Carpets), and prayer rugs:

Kayseri prayer rug from Anatolia, Turkey
Kayseri prayer rug from Anatolia, Turkey









All These Shapes Are Derived From The Geometries Of Numbers

In another sense, you can say that the geometries are the physical representations of what numbers, or number sequences, look like. It is the language of the universe, studied through the discipline of maths and geometry.

And so the bridge between the Inner and the Outer, of angel numbers, can in some cases be utilized as a physical design. That physical design can in turn be used symbolically, as an amulet or as a talisman, or as signage, and so forth.

If you think this is archaic, look around and see how many people wear the cross or crucifix, the Om or a-u-m,  or the Ankh, the yin-yang, or a host of many others. There is an entire cottage industry of sacred geometry jewelry.

On the subject of angel number 8888, for example, I describe how to use the quad-8’s design as a fortress against psychic influences as a symbol, and as a platonic staunch. These are intermediate level because they require a bit of skill from the practitioner in controlling his/her mind.

8888 Fortress Pattern

“No talisman, amulet, witch’s magic circle or pentagram, crest, or crown, has any significance without the ability of the “inner” to make sense of a symbol. The aura, the chakra, the nimbus, the drawing on an ancient cave, all communicate to others a “meaning” that bypasses verbal language.” [Source:]

Outer to Inner symbols derived from angel numbers work as a form of semaphore that communicate meaning to the psyche of others. It’s the only way any form of symbology works.

A Seasoned Practitioner’s Use Of An Angel Number

Taking objects from the inner to the outer, or from the outer to the inner, involves keeping objects in the forefront between conscious, unconscious, and subconscious states. I refer to these objects, (or conceptual things), as artifacts. And the feat takes practice.

Change that; the feat takes skill, to perform on purpose on a consistent basis. Sometimes we do it when we perform a certain act over and over again, causing us to dream it. It’s called the Tetris Effect. It can also happen when the mind is fixated on a traumatic event.

In fact, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD), is literally a case of dragging outer artifacts into the inner, albeit unwillingly. Addictions, such as cigarette smoking, can be dragged into the inner, where the pleasure of it becomes even more anchored.

Falling in love can manifest into the inner, with experiences ranging from joy to tears, depending on how the situation plays out. And fear of things, to fear of outcomes, can also be unwillingly dragged into the inner.

Objects, (like things), and emotions, (like fear), are all artifacts that can go from outer to inner.

Angel numbers are artifacts that the seasoned practitioner can take with him/her into the inner on purpose, for a purpose. That purpose, (or utility), depends on the character, or countenance, of the number. But even more so, on the intent of the practitioner. I’ll give an example shortly.

Quick Note: None of this sounds remotely like a horoscope, does it?

Why Is The “Inner” So Important, Anyway?

What’s the big deal with this inner/outer thing? And why is the Inner worth caring about at all? “It’s just a dream” is something we tell children to salve nightmares.

Try saying, “It’s just a dream” to a soldier with PTSD, or an adult victim of recurring nightmares, and you’ll discover that those words never really solve anything. The Inner is where you live about a third of your live, recharge and heal your body, and unleash the exploration power of your mind.

The Inner is where the magic happens, for better or for worse. It can be a place of heaven or a place of hell, depending on what you focus on, while there. (This is why, if you should join Spiritual Vectors, we begin with spiritual ecology.)

 The Inner is where your spirit can fly, and experience freedom. It is the only place where, (know it or not), YOU are the God of that universe.

When asked when and where one can find the kingdom of God, Jesus answered:

“The kingdom of God cometh not with waiting for. Neither shall men say, Lo here, lo there. For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” [Luke 17:20-21]

It is also a place for solving intractable problems. Here are seven famous scientists and mathematicians that used dreams for great discoveries: [Source:]

“In a dream I saw a table where all the elements fell into place as required. Awakening, I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper.” Dmitri Mendeleev on discovering the Periodic Table; 1834-1907

The Power, Magic, And Use Of Angel Numbers In The Inner

The Power And Magic Of Angel Numbers

Here is one example of how a seasoned practitioner could use an angel number. Remember, this person has already honed at least two skills. These skills involve: lucid dreaming, and concentration (or harnessing your attention), along with a clean inner ecology.

Please also consider that once you’re past the physical state and into the dream, fully conscious, you have transcended physical restrictions. This means the rules for engaging the world are very different. (You’ll learn that quickly if you ever follow this vector.)

Now, suppose you want to utilize an angel number as a spiritual guide. You can take that number with you into the inner, and follow its vector.

So, let’s make clear what this means, with an analogy. Forget the angel number for a moment and pretend you bought a crystal ball. To see anything interesting in that crystal ball, you’d have to alter your state of consciousness.

Smoke a hallucinogen, or stop your mind, concentrate, or whatever. But, to see anything other than reflections, you’d have to alter your mind state. I don’t personally recommend anything illegal, or for that matter anything that keeps you out of control.

Instead, what if you took that crystal ball with you into a dream! This is a case of taking an artifact from the outer to the inner.

Now looking into that crystal ball, in the dream state, can yield fantastic results. And should those results be something usable back in the outer/physical world, upon awakening, it would be a case of taking an artifact from the inner to the outer.

Now, let’s use a similar technique for the angel number.

The Crystal Magic Angel Number

Dreaming A Crystal Ball Or An Angel Number

Suppose, as a practitioner, you’ve plucked an interesting angel number, 733. Why 733? (See Angel Number 733.) Because, you’ve chosen it as a spiritual guide. You’ve got a clean inner ecology because you’ve subscribed to Spiritual Vectors’ membership and cleaned it yourself. So you can trust it.

You take 733 with you, and you dream it. Suddenly, you find yourself flipping through the pages of a large ancient book, and page number 733 pops up surprisingly on cue. This focusses your awareness. You know this is your vector.

You stay in the dream, knowing now you are fully conscious in a dream AND on page 733 of this ancient book. It’s your vector, and you’re perfectly aware of it!

There’s a brief impulse to wake up, but you’ve practiced how to stay in the dream, so you look away and focus your gaze on something else in the room. As you notice the detail, and not being fixated by any one thing, you glance quickly from item to item until you solidify the surroundings. You then glance once again back at the book.

Page 733.

I won’t go beyond this point because it’s not necessary. You know what it means to “follow” a vector. The important point with this is that you already have to have certain skills in place to “pluck” angel numbers for your own.

This technique is as opposed to you seeing an angel number by force of your subconscious pointing it out to your conscious mind, to make you aware of it. That’s an inner to an outer.

But utilizing an angel number on the inner, is really no different than using a crystal ball. What you see in the crystal ball, like anything else in the inner, comes from you! You will, in essence, be following your deeper self as it communicates with the surface consciousness you know as ‘you,’ (your personality).

The Interface Between God, Man, And Knowledge

You are the God of your inner world. It can be as horrifying as you make it by what you fixate on, or as heavenly as discovering the secrets of the universe (like what others have done), by what you fixate on. It’s pliable. And it belongs to you entirely.

It’s a tool. It’s a heaven. And it’s where you can discover and access all of your intelligence from the storehouse of your subconscious.

It belongs to you in the same way that the external world belongs to God. (I am not implying “god” as a personality, but as a creator that spins this world the same way you spin your internal world — through your awareness.)

But the indisputable language of the external universe is through numbers! It is God’s universal language. It’s how scientists and mathematicians understand the wold, and uncover its secrets, no matter where they are, or in what time frame.

They are, thus, the priests; because they study the actual book of God, which is creation itself.

From the microscopic below the atomic level, to the vast astronomy of the cosmos, the universe reveals her secrets through numbers.

Perhaps in this sense we might describe numbers as coming from the divine, and thereby can call them “angel” numbers. But no matter what we call them, numbers are the interface between creation, and our understanding of it.

Like the scientists mentioned above, wouldn’t it be a blast to uncover what those numbers can reveal to you on the Inside?

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