What constitutes a spiritual number? What does a spiritual number mean? And, how are they best used? Here are some answers.

First, What Are Numbers? 

Numbers are symbols of association that help us to perceive, define, and organize corresponding relationships. They can be used to label, count, measure, or otherwise process  information about those relationships.  

Numbers can be categorized into many different classes based on their attributes. For example, numbers can be classified as:

  • Natural 
  • Rational
  • Irrational
  • Prime
  • Fractional 
  • Decimal
  • Figurate
  • Imaginary
  • Transcendental 
  • Etc. 

What puts a number into a classification are the characteristics belonging to that particular class. 

So, what are the characteristics belonging to the classification called “spiritual?” 

What Is a Spiritual Number?

A spiritual number is any number, or set of numbers, that reveals a facet of the divine. 

The divine, in this case, is any information coming directly from the universe in the form of a truth. Truth, in this case, is defined as accurate information. 

A spiritual number, therefore, reveals to us a truth about the universe.

Spiritual numbers can thus come as systems of numbers or individually as discrete integers. 

Examples of Spiritual Numbers as Systems or Sequences 

Some of the more famous examples of spiritual numbers include, but are not limited to:

Figurate numbers – numbers that define the patterns of shapes found in the Sacred Geometries. For example:

  • Triangular numbers
  • Tetrahedral numbers
  • Pentagonal numbers
  • Polytopes
  • Circles
  • etc.

Geometric sequences, ratios, or constants – because these types of numbers are so prevalent in nature. For example:

Fibonacci sequence – the fingerprint of God

Golden ratio 

Golden spiral – golden spirals are self-similar

Pi – the ratio of a circumference to its diameter  

e – Euler’s number, after Leonhard Euler (pronounced “Oiler”)

Examples of Spiritual Numbers as Integers

Integers can also be spiritual numbers from which we can derive meaningful insights. Some examples include, but not limited to:

1 (one) – the number one. One of the most important verses of the Rig Veda (1.164.46) is “The Reality (Truth) is ONE.” The oneness taught by the Upanishads, part of Hindu Vedanta, dates back to c. 1500-1000 BCE.

2 (two) – the dualism of the Yin Yang. The connection between the positive and negative forces of nature in Chinese cosmology; at least c. 1000 – 750 BCE. 

5 (five) – the limit of 3-dimensional Platonic solids is five. This has relevance to the very construction of the three dimensional universe. [https://mathworld.wolfram.com/PlatonicSolid.html

Prime numbers – numbers divisible only by 1 and itself, otherwise mathematically irreducible as an integer. 

The reasoning here is that the number 1 is the mathematical symbol of God because it represents the all inclusive; the source of all. It has no division because it is non-dual. 

Now, the number 1 is not a prime, but all prime numbers share its property. That is, all prime numbers are also irreducible, save 1 and itself. Prime numbers therefore reflect the attribute of God – that of indivisibility.  

Prime numbers are also the building blocks of every other integer. This concept is demonstrated as The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic.

Examples of Spiritual Numbers as Angel Numbers

AN11 – the Angel Number eleven. Angel number 11 can be seen as a spiritual number because each of its properties, (outer geometry, and inner construction), all have a divine nature.

AN333 – the Angel Number three hundred and thirty three. With over 90,000 monthly searches, (c. 2020), Angel Number 333 is one of the most prevalent angel numbers searched for on the Internet.  

AN733 – the Angel Number seven hundred and thirty three. Many Angel Numbers can be seen as spiritual numbers simply because of their Inner meanings to the observer. 

But Angel Number 733 can be thought of as one of the most highly spiritual numbers, because of its exceptional versatility in its construction from the divine principles of irreducibility. See why.

Understanding Spiritual Numbers

But for illumination to happen, there must exists an understanding between the observer of the spiritual number, and the information being revealed.

USEFUL TIP: If the information is not understood, the information is not useful. Here is how to understand the meaning of a spiritual number, below. 

How To Understand The Meaning of a Spiritual Number

The interpretation of any number on a spiritual level can be categorized into four basic types: Higher, Lower, Outer, and Inner. And with some numbers, they converge. 

An example of a convergence happens with the number 333. 

You can see this visually under Part 3, “Why Is Angel Number 333 A Personal Power Vector?” In that section, the convergence is diagrammed. [https://spiritualvectors.com/angel-number-333/]

Each category type sets the relationship to the context of the interpretation. 

Since we are involve here with the meaning of a spiritual number, the relationship is for the Inner.

This is because interpretation is an inner function, through which that knowledge is understood. It is also where one must eventually go to get that information. 

Inner meanings can be entirely subjective. And as such, they are specific to the person. This also means that they can tend to lend themselves to superstition. 

The Inner Meaning of a Spiritual Number

Since revealing the meaning of a number is an Inner function, the most secure, and cleanest, technique is to let the number find you, on the Inner!  

The connection between Angel Numbers and Spiritual Numbers is very close. Angel numbers are spiritual numbers with Inner properties.

When numbers find us, or “follow us,” on the Outer, (physical world), we call these “Angel Numbers.” [ See: What is an Angel Number?]

Thus, “when you recognize a number so often that it appears to be far more than coincidence, it’s known as an Angel Number.”

But the personal meaning of an angel number is found on the Inside.

There’s a limit with Outer interpretations. Such as: is it a geometrical number, is it a prime number, and so forth. These attributes show us its Outer meaning, but not necessarily its Inner, or spiritual, meaning. 

We are thus hampered by our physical limitations, concerning an Inner meaning. This is the case even during meditation.

To mitigate this problem of physical limitation, there is one method that outshines all others. 

It requires getting into a state of complete consciousness, while being free from physical limitations, such as your physical body. 

The Technique for Understanding Spiritual Numbers Spiritually 

How do you do this? How do you achieve complete consciousness while simultaneously being free from the constraints of your physical body? 

There is a simple and proven answer that most people can lean. It is lucid dreaming. 

The technique for revealing the meaning of a spiritual number is exactly the same technique for following an Angel Number.

Here is the technique for, How To Follow An Angel Number. It’s only a few pages, (in PDF format). The download is free.

It describes the method anyone can use, with practice, for determining the meaning of any given spiritual number.  

Plus, it answers the question inherently specific to the person. 

And, it will also open up spiritual channels unique to you. It has nothing to do with religion, but has everything to do with obtaining the ability for spiritual insight, first-hand!  

PS: Instead of trying to figure out what a spiritual number means, this time, let “it” show “YOU” the information it wants you to have. (I know, it sounds weird.) But, try it. You’ll see. 

Again Note: You can use this method to determine the meaning of any spiritual number, first hand. This is because the information you obtain is specifically revenant to you. 

Yours Truly,

The HighCountry 



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