What Is My Angel Number?

Though it is possible to identify with an angel number, such as having an affinity with a certain number, an angel number does not identify you.

What is my angel number?

Rather, it is a communication TO you that has been filtered through your subconscious, into your conscious awareness.

So, the fact that you are asking, “What is my angel number?” suggest that you might require a better understanding of what an angel number actually is.

The reason I say this is because, asking that question is analogous to asking, “What is my book?” ANY book can be your book. Though you can have a favorite book, or identify with its content, the book is not you; nor can it represent you, (even if it’s an autobiography)!

In that same sense, an angel number is not yours, nor does it identify you.

Having a strong affinity with a certain angel number, however, is perfectly valid. And it is something definitely worthy of inspection for that very reason. But let’s be clear what that reason is, and why.

So, before I get to that, I want to first make sure you have a better understanding of what an angel number actually is, and what it is not.

What An Angel Number Is Not

An Angel Number Is Not A Horoscope
An Angel Number Is Not A Horoscope

Of late, the Internets have been using angel numbers as horoscopes. They attempt to forecast a person’s future based on an arbitrary assignment of meaning to certain numbers. Or, they attempt to assess the character of a person based on a number that person is seeing.

Or, even worse, they attempt to divine what an “angel” is trying to communicate to the person according to the number that person is noticing.

Why an angel wouldn’t be able to simply communicate to anyone directly, instead of using a cryptic number, is beyond me. Is there some reason angels can’t talk?

It was said, on one site, that the vibrations of angels are too high for them to speak to you directly; and so they have to use numbers.

But if you don’t already understand the number, the meaning of the communication is an immediate failure. It would be like you trying to communicate in English to someone who only understands in German.

But even more to the point, is that, if angels can get you to see numbers, why can’t they get you to see words?

So, here’s the deal: An angel number is a misnomer. It has far less to do with angels trying to communicate with you than why you are filtering out a particular numeric sequence, consciously.

This may not be what you wanted to hear. But I’m assuming that you’re an adult, and can handle that Santa Claus doesn’t really put toys under the tree.

What An Angel Number IS

Angel numbers are numeric sequences that you tend to notice in your daily life more often than would appear to be mere coincidence.

That is the short version. For a full understanding of what angel numbers are, how to best interpret them, and most importantly what to DO with them, refer to: “What Are Angel Numbers And How To Utilize Their Magic.”

But to the question: “What is my angel number?” the relevant information being asked for, is one of identification. And to that end, it must be understood that no angel number can identify you. But you, on the other hand, can identify with an angel number. Only in that sense can you claim it as your number.

Why You Have An Affinity To An Angel Number

So, why is it, and how is it, that you can have an affinity to a number in the first place? The answer is actually simple: you possess what is known in many forms as pattern recognition.

In fact, most everyone has some form of pattern recognition; it’s a substantial part of how we learn practically anything. You’d hardly remember any process, without it, (like dialing your own phone number). But what’s interesting about angel numbers is why a particular set of numbers has value to you personally!

In other words: why one set of numbers and not another, when you likely see either set with the same relative frequency? Only, one stands out, and the other doesn’t.

And that answer lies within your particular experience with numbers, ranging from synesthesia to anchored association. These are explained in the article above, but… It’s the part that makes “how you feel or relate towards a number” uniquely you.

This means that someone else, who sees the same number as you, can get a totally different Inner interpretation from that number, than you.

It is for that reason, angel numbers cannot be interpreted like a horoscope. One size does NOT fit all! But it is also why you can have an affinity, or a “connection,” to a specific number.

Determining Your Angel Number (As An Affinity)

How To Find Your Angel Number Affinity

Claiming an angel number as yours is an identification. And that’s okay, as long as you understand that it doesn’t identify you, but rather you identify with it.

In this sense, you can have an affinity with any number you choose. But what’s interesting is that some numbers can choose you! What this means is that: sometimes a number, (or numeric sequence), can appear to follow you around!

Some numbers, figuratively speaking, won’t leave you alone!

It is those numbers that you can, and should, investigate. But please understand; such a situation does not mean that, that number is YOUR number. Nor does it imply that it’s a number that identifies you, or with you.

Such a number is simply on the surface of your recognition pattern, and you have an affinity with that particular number or sequence.

I am defining an affinity as something you are drawn to. I do NOT mean that you necessarily like it, or that it “likes” or in any way “favors” you. So I’m breaking, slightly, with the common definition of affinity. This is because some angel numbers are warnings, and may not necessarily suggest a cozy relationship.

To find a number you are drawn to, simply pay attention to which numbers (or sequences) you notice. Another way is to simply note which number sequences you like! Or, which numbers make you feel something towards them.

How to find any of these, (and more), is coming up next!

How To Find Your Angel Number (As A Power)

To find your angel number as a power, you will need to know which numbers give you a sense of strength. Different numbers are power charges to different people, so no one can say which number is yours. It depends completely on your unique synesthesia towards numbers.

But I can help you find your power number with a simple exercise. Go to:

3-Digit Angel Number Generator

Random Sequence Generator

Set the parameters to: min = 100 and max = 999. Set the format to: 20 columns. 

This will generate a table 20 columns wide, (for ease of visibility), and randomize every 3-digit number between 100 and 999.

They are randomized to disburse your cognitive bias towards any three digit number set. In other words, if you are predisposed to a certain 3-digit number, you’ll have to find it. But the point is that if it’s truly an affinity number, it will stand out on its own. (It will find you.)

Note: this is set for a three digit number. If you want to go with a two digit number, or a four digit number, re-set the parameters accordingly.

Next, determine which number sequence makes you feel something towards that number. Is it fear? Is it a “like?” Is it strangely independent but clearly different?

Numbers can make you feel something towards them. For your power number, just glance at the entire page and pinpoint the number that literally dominates every other number in its power over them.

If it’s clear cut… You’ve found it.

Conclusion: What Is YOUR Angel Number?

Using the exercise above, you can resolve almost any angel number with regard to how it affects you. It answers, “What is my angel number?” in the context of how you associate with it; not the other way around.

Even if you don’t see angel numbers, you can do the exercise above and discover which numbers are set apart from the others. How that number makes you feel, though, is strictly unique to your own association with numbers.

For this reason (among many others), angel numbers are not horoscopes that purport to diagnose your future, determine your character, or otherwise communicate with angels.

Angel numbers are the result of your ability to “pattern recognize” numeric sequences, as distinct from any other set of numbers. What those numbers mean, is an entirely different subject.

Yours Truly,

The High Country



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