People see their angel number on the physical plane, while consciously awake. But there is a very compelling reason you should summon your angle number while you’re asleep, and dreaming.

The reason for this is that, when you find your angel number in a dream, there – it can show you directly the knowledge it wants you to have, and in a way that is easiest for you to fully understand and experience.  

Therefore, you should lucid dream your angel number because its the best way to know for sure what knowledge it wants you to have. And lucid dreaming the angel number is the purest way to obtain that knowledge. 

Hidden Advantages To Lucid Dreaming An Angel Number

There are several hidden advantages to lucid dreaming an angel number. Here are just a few:

1. It frees you from your physical body restrictions.

2. You gain conscious access to your subconscious mind. (That alone should clinch it.)

3. You’ll never again have to rely on third-party web sites, like this one, to tell you what’s in your own mind. 

Whatever knowledge is stored in your subconscious mind, belongs to you. Lucid dreaming is a great way to gain access to it. 

You see, the meaning of an angel number, for the most part, is purely subjective. Therefore, when you go to a web site to determine the meaning of an angel number that you happen to be seeing, how can THEY know what’s in YOUR mind? 

Even THIS site can only tell you the objective meaning, which typically has more to do with the Sacred Geometry of the number, or the geometric construction. But the subjective meaning, is something you have to get for yourself. 

By the way, if you think that angel numbers are from “angels” trying to communicate with you, then go back a few steps, and read the article, What Is My Angel Number

That ought to clear up the confusion about what those sites try to tell you, vs what I am trying to tell you. The short version, is that: Your relationship with a given number may be wholly different than mine, (even for the same number).  

The Knowledge You Gain Is Beneficial To You Personally

Generic knowledge is one thing. But, specific knowledge that can benefit YOUR life is far more useful. This is the value of getting it from your own subconscious. No one can possibly know you better than your own subconscious.

Everything you know consciously, is first filtered through your subconscious. This is because your brain has already determined your decisions before you are consciously aware of having made the decision. [source: Brain Makes Decisions Before You Even Know It, ].  

  Therefore, the frequency and reason you are seeing a given angel number is because that number is being noticed in your subconscious mind, first

The reason your subconscious is pointing out that particular number to your conscious mind is best answered by your own subconscious. (Not by some third party site.)

This means that the answer, once found, is entirely relevant and beneficial to you

Lucid Dreaming An Angel Number Can Reveal Your Personal Power

Learning how to lucid dream is a personal power in itself. It is a gateway to the subconscious mind on various levels. 

Lucid dreams are typically far more vivid than in the awake state. [source: Psychology Today, Your Lucid Dreams, ] And the extensions of your awareness are also far greater. Impressions are more intense, and understanding is far deeper. 

Many scientific discoveries have been found in dreams [ ]. But the single greatest benefit is the freedom you have in the lucid dream world. 

It is the only place known where you are the actual god of that universe. That, while simultaneously being more real than the physical world in which you currently live. 

Such freedoms can easily allow you to see who you really are, and experience your true personal powers as a being. 

For example: following an angel number in a lucid dream can take you down a path, show you knowledge, or point out for you a power object. (Another secret that lucid dreamers know, but others do not.)

How To Lucid Dream An Angel Number

How To Lucid Dream An Angel Number, is basically a very short and tailored version of Tips For Lucid Dreaming & The Development Of Power Objects, by Spiritual Vectors. It is free. Click the link above to download.

The long version teaches you lucid dreaming in its fullest, along with the implications for spirituality, plus includes the development of power objects. You can find it HERE in PDF format for instant download. 

There is only one additional technique that the Angel Number version requires, that differs from the full version. I’ll give that to you now. 

For lucid dreaming an Angel Number, you’ll be using the number as your initial anchor rather than your hands. That is to say, you will set up the number, during the awake state, to be your cue to become lucid in the dream state. 

Please understand: the “how to” tips listed below, assume you already have the information provided in Tips For Lucid Dreaming & The Development Of Power Objects. The tips below are for tailoring the technique for your specific angel number. Got it? 

To do that, follow these steps:

1. In the awake state, whenever you see your angel number, (provided you’re not engaged in an important activity that needs your full attention, like driving), stop what you’re doing and become fully lucid. 

2. Instead of using your hands for your anchor, use the number

3. Anchor the number several times a day, until it becomes habit. That is, whenever you see the number you automatically become lucid. 

That’s it! That’s all you have to do. Because, once it becomes mechanical, whenever you see the number in your dream, it’s your cue to become lucid. And, you will do so automatically, even though you’re in a dream. 

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